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Henry Cavill Wolverine: Would we see the star playing the Logan? Personal Life | Relationships | Career | SUPERMAN CHARACTER!!

Henry Cavill Wolverine

Henry Cavill Wolverine is a fan’s dream as one what wishes for in the cinematics universe. Henry Cavill is being famously renowned for his Superman character and has done several hit movie’s and the fans can’t get enough of it yet. As moving forward, everyone is asking what’s next for Henry Cavill. Also, the relationship of Henry Cavill with Netflix has been relatively good so far, and Netflix is looking for more projects for the star as the popular actor has been one of the biggest streaming services assets, alongside Adam Sandler. The Witcher was as astonishing and beautiful with every depth of legion one would love to watch and surpassed as becoming the most popular TV show on the planet. Not to forget, season 2 is currently in the works as the story will be portrayed of the first Witcher where the fantasy series has always been as one of their Marque projects.

Henry Cavill Wolverine

Henry Cavill as MCU’s wolverine?

Henry Cavill is regarded as one of the most reputable personalities in the industry due to his playing of well-known characters. The star has officially recently extended his contract as the DCEU’s Superman, which would probably take around 10 years more in the upcoming movies, but never forget we will be able to see Cavill as the Geralt of Rivia in Netflix’s Witcher which smashed records with its storyline, depth and intensive character personalities which have been still in discussions.

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Considering the fact when the Enola Holmes trailer was dropped in the streaming services, fans had a wish and started pushing for the star to have his own Sherlock Holmes show as a spinoff of his own but that has just been in talks and no further announcements have followed till now. In his younger days, he was assigned as Theseus, the mythical hero which he played fabulously in fantasy actioner Immortals, which was lost out to one of the elite actors named Daniel Craig when rebooting bong was taking place with Casino Royale. Some sources linked him as he could play Batman in Batman Begins before Christian Bale was decided for the role of Christopher Nolan.

Even though the actor is suited up for The Witcher and Superman, the fan still thinks that the 37-year-old should pitch in the MCU as he would be a potential candidate to play as Logan as Henry Cavill Wolverine will smash the records as all we could expect

Henry Cavill Wolverine

Hugh Jackman was always the fit model in an incredible shape for Wolverine but as far as everyone is concerned about Cavill playing the Wolverine, it seems like he could digest all the versions of Logan at once and could give every Marvel and superhero fan a refined look. But it’s just up to the fans rumors and opinions now because the start would unlikely be seen to jump to MCU now by growing his sideburns as Henry has his eyes all over in the DC cinematic universe but still, we cannot lose our hope as the Henry Cavill Wolverine would smash records if it ever comes to appearance and that’s for sure.

Henry Cavill Wolverine

The rumors which broke the internet

The rumor became so viral that the tweet was raveling around speedily as it had its own moment but before it went any further with any more false information to spread. The rumor was no doubt was false but had everyone’s attention in an instant as the fans of the star and the Wolverine franchise came into the spotlight to share their multiple opinions on the Henry Cavill Wolverine. The main story or rumor which was originated were the questions that were asked if Henry Cavill is going to play Captain Marvel 2 as per what the sources reported and also some websites which were probably gossip sites made an article about this but it barely could be compared to what tweets were folded up together.

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The website named Digital Weekly came to light as one shouldn’t be confused and chopped off the rumors into pieces as everyone should know that the star won’t cast for Wolverine for now as it is false information that one shouldn’t spread or consider. Having a look at the current sources and credits, anyone would start to think that Henry Cavill Wolverine might be the one to see in times to come but again Digital Weekly reported that there were actually so many sources or claims or links that it was linked to and also which doesn’t seem to exist at all. It is to be said simply that there wasn’t a link to any external source or with the story in any other piece. Another piece issued that the upcoming Captain Marvel will have a guest appearance of Jessica Jones, Spider-Woman, and Henry Cavill Wolverine but it was just false information which doesn’t have any linked information that it was linked with the Marvel universe and had a certain point of the industry that it could come true. Henry Cavill Wolverine has a mixed reaction with fans when it comes to introducing the actor in Marvel’s universe as many want the star to step in and as well as many want the star to not make a debut as he wouldn’t be able to fit in with the X-Men. Although currently, the star would be busy playing the Superman and Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher for about 6 more years based on the success of the show. But for now, it can be said that it’s a zero percent chance that any of it could be true and it’s just the desperate fans’ wishes and rumors that led to a certain point. We could agree that Henry Cavill Wolverine might be a good fir and Marvel will actually look forward to working with the star looking at the popularity and fans favorite, but more surprisingly will be a point if Cavill will take the role of Logan as he has always shown his affection towards the DC universe.


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