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Elizabeth Huberdeau – Ex of John Cena | Is she dead or alive? UNEXPECTED NEWS!!! Personal Life | Career | Relationships

I am back with one more amazing article and this one is especially for those who are huge admirers of John Cena and all his fights. If you are interested in his personal life, then this article is definitely for you. In this article, we will cover all about the ex of John Cena named Elizabeth Huberdeau. So, stay tuned everyone!

Elizabeth Huberdeau is a name which you might feel unheard of now but once it was quite a famous name in the world of WWE as she was the ex-wife of John Cena or I might say she was like the first lady of WWE.


Elizabeth Huberdeau is the ex-wife of John Cena, a famous musician. She became popular in the media after her divorce from him and now she remains private on social media to keep her personal life out of the public eye

She does not use social media, but this is a good thing. Her privacy gives her space and time to do what she wants without having the world looking over her shoulder or invading private moments with friends in an effort to get personalized content that will make them famous for 15 minutes on Facebook.

Elizabeth Huberdeau –

She was born on 28 Sept 1979, in West Newbury, Massachusetts. She is also called by name, Liz Cena is supposed to be the girl for whom John Cena had been head over heels. Though we do not have the information regarding her school years but John attended two high schools and those are Crushing Academy and Central Catholic High School and both of these schools are situated in Massachusetts. So, we can conjecture that both of them might have met each other at any of these schools and started to date.

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After completing high school, Liz moved to college where she got the degree of business management according to the rumor bird and John earned the degree of Bachelor in exercise physiology and body movement. Both Liz and John are quite confidential when it comes to their relationship and in fact, they did not see each other as John was more focused on building his career and be the WWE roster and it was about in the year 2000. Though they continue their relationship as well.

Elizabeth Huberdeau divorced John Cena –

The man with complete hustle in his life, who is loyal and respectful towards his work, his career and he is at the top level of his career right now. He is the sixteen-time world champion of WWE which is completely insane! But exactly like his career in movies, he is not successful when it comes to his personal life or relationships.

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He has always been committed to his responsibilities within the ring of the WWE and that is the main reason why he did not care much about his personal life, his life partner, Elizabeth Huberdeau. The other main reason was that John Cena was never really wanted to have kids as he never wanted to give a child a super busy father like him.

John Cena announced the engagement with Elizabeth Huberdeau while he was shooting for his movie names 12 rounds in the year 2009. It was actually the very first time when he publicly talked about his personal life and Elizabeth Huberdeau.

Elizabeth Huberdeau

Then in the year 2009, on July 11 they tied the knot of the wedding. But it did not last for long as John filed the case of divorce on May 1, 2012, and ultimately, they got their divorce on July 18. According to the rumors, the reason behind them getting divorced was a disagreement regarding the remodeling of their house.

Though Elizabeth and her lawyers were convinced that John is having an affair outside the marriage most probably at his workplace. After that The Rock defeated him the same year at Wrestlemania and to defend himself, he stated that the divorce was bringing atrocious vibes to him and he is not able to focus on his career. But the honest reason behind getting a divorce is still unknown.

Elizabeth Huberdeau – Death –

Elizabeth Huberdeau started working as a real estate agent, dealing with trading, refurbishing, construction, and buying of both types of buildings like residential as well as business buildings in Florida. She got huge settlement money worth $60 million from John Cena. While John Cena started dating another girl named Nikki Bella, a wrestler.

The life of Elizabeth was very private after the divorce and she died after some time.

Elizabeth Huberdeau

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) –

1. Who is Elizabeth Huberdeau?

She is the ex-wife of WWE champion, John Cena. Elizabeth was the school love of John Cena but their marriage lasted for like just 3 years and they ultimately got the divorce.

2. Is Elizabeth Huberdeau dead?

Yes, after getting divorced Elizabeth started working as a real estate agent in Florida and her life became even more luxurious, calming, and private as well. Later on, the news came that she is no more in this world.

3. Who is the daughter of John Cena?

John Cena has a baby girl with Nikki Bella named Taylor. Taylor is now a thirteen-year-old kid.

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