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miles heizer gay

About Miles Heizer

Miles Heizer Gay: Miles Heizer is a popular American actor is well known for his role in 13 Reasons Why? as Alex Standall. By his charm and personality, he has ruled numerous hearts to date. The 26-year-old made his debut as Joey Everton in “Nothing to lose” in 2005. His love for music encouraged him to release his albums on SoundCloud and YouTube. Miles Heizer is identified as gay which he realized when he was 13-year-old. He is ambitious as well as the most grounded person despite the stardom.

Society has been evolving rapidly and different sexualities have been given acceptance today. Nowadays, a person doesn’t feel the need to hide his sexuality. A major lot of the population has broad thinking and accepts every human being regardless of sexuality. Not to our surprise, there still exists a portion of people who are following the stereotypical road and considers it a shame or sin.

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Miles Heizer gay

Early Life of Miles Heizer

Miles Heizer Gay: He was born in Greenville, Kentucky on 16 May 1994. During the early phase, he has been a part of community Theatre Production. Afterwards, Miles along with his family moved to Los Angeles for better career opportunities in acting. He was passionate about acting since a small age.

In an interview he stated about this shifting idea by saying “Thinking back on it now, it’s really crazy. With my logic now, I wouldn’t be like, ‘Yeah, let’s move to another state to do something that may or may not work out at all.’ But at the time, I was young and I really wanted to do it, and so yeah, we moved out here.” Miles Heizer later discovered that he is gay.



Miles Heizer Gay: He is a successful actor today. Starting with his opportunities in Los Angeles he made his on-screen debut in “Nothing to Lose”. After his debut in the series, he made an appearance in a short film ‘Paramedic’ followed by scenes of various series. Despite being gay, his attitude and self-acceptance have made him successful as an actor.

His character in 13 Reasons Why? as Alex Standall showcases the story of a boy who struggled for sexuality identification. The final season uncovers the truth before him as he gets to feel attracted towards men. After relationships with women in the starting seasons, he finally gets along with Charlie, his new classmate.

Miles Heizer gay
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His interest in Music

Miles Heizer Gay: Miles Heizer has pursued music as his hobby. He has released a few of his own albums and is continuing music. He can also play various instruments. ‘When The Sun Gives In’ is one of his songs which is also a part of the series ‘Parenthood’.

His relationships

Miles Heizer Gay: Initially, there were rumours that Miles Heizer is gay which was a lot to take in for his fans. At the current stage, it’s confirmed of him being gay. The fact doesn’t change his popularity or appreciation. He has been hiding it for a long time and didn’t let it out. He oppressed his feelings and emotions to strive for acceptance and was scared of facing the consequences.

There has been no clear record about his relationship with Brandon Flynn which was later confirmed as a rumour. He hasn’t dated anyone before that. The list of his relationships includes a single name, Connor Jessup.

Miles Heizer is dating Connor Jessup at the moment. Their relationship was confirmed personally by Connor Jessup by his Instagram post where he wished Miles for valentine’s day and expressed his love for him. There’s no doubt that the couple looks adorable together. They have been dating for a while now while the exact details are still unclear.

Click here to see the Instagram post.

After this announcement, the fans got crazy and showcased the warmth through comments and tweets. The two of them can be seen together in many of their posts on Instagram. They receive lots of blessings and love from their fan community. The couple is adored by all.

Miles Heizer gay

About his current boyfriend Connor Jessup

Miles Heizer Gay: Connor Jessup is a Canadian Actor who started his journey as a child actor. He made his debut at a children’s television series, ‘The Saddle Club’. Jessup has also carved his names in the list of writers and directors. He has made an appearance in many television shows and films like ‘The Jon Dore Television Show’, King, Blackbird, Falling Skies and many more…

Jessup is a talented young artist of 26 years old famous for his latest role in the show ‘Locke and Key’ as Tyler Locke. Jessup admits that he was scared to publicly accept it. Finally, in 2019 he publicly announced himself as gay during Pride month through his Instagram handle in the form of a post with a lengthy caption beautifully expressing his thoughts. It’s his first relationship with Miles Heizer.

Miles Heizer gay

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Rumour of his relationship with Brandon Flynn

Miles Heizer Gay: Brandon Flynn and Miles were co-actors in 13 Reasons Why? Seeing their bond off-screen made the fans ponder about their relationship. The rumour was spread in 2017, during the shooting of the series. Later, it was confirmed that they share a bond of just friends and nothing more.


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