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iZombie season 6: RENEWED? Unexpected news!! CONFIRMED? | About the series | Plot | The Cast | Release date

iZombie season 6

iZombie season 6: Have you heard any updates regarding the release of iZombie season 6? Has this season been canceled already or we will be watching it? Well, I have all the updates regarding the release of iZombie season 6 of the series of iZombie for all the admirers of this series out there. But those of you who are still wondering whether you should watch it or not, don’t forget to read this article until the very end.

About the series –

This series is a procedural crime drama. Now, those of you who do not know about procedural crime drama, I’d like to tell you what it means – all the dramas which depict the crimes and how the people solve them. This series is an American TV series that was directed by Diane Ruggiero-Wright and Rob Thomas for The CW. It is an adaptation of the comic book with the same name, written by Chris Roberson with Michael Allred.

This series under the Vertigo Imprint by none other than DC Comics. This was released on 17 March 2015, the last episode aired on 1 August 2019. It basically the venture of a doctor who later turns into a zombie named Olivia “Liv” Moore who is a Seattle police medical auditor. Olivia helps to solve the murder mysteries after eating the brains of the victims as the memory as well as personalities of the victims’ transfer into the brain of Olivia.

iZombie season 6

The plot of iZombie –

Olivia “Liv” Moore turns into a zombie while she was attending a party on a boat. She deserted her career and then gets break up with her fiance, a lot to the dismay of her family. She, later on, explored that if she will not please the relish of eating brains sporadically then she will get transformed into a homicidal as well as a conventionally dull-witted zombie. But instead of eating the brains of above suspicion people, she decides to eat the brains of the carcass she will post-mortem by joining the King County morgue.

Later in the story, her boss named Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti speculated the secret of Olivia but he soon becomes her friend, well-wisher, and confidant as well. As a scientist, Ravi is titillated by the situation of Olivia right now. Whenever she eats the brain of any person, nobody knows how but she inherits the personality as well as the memory of that person temporarily.

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Not only this but she can even watch the flashbacks of the person and in the case of any murder mystery, the victim’s flashbacks give a hint of the murderer. Olivia uses her out-of-the-world ability in order to find out the murderer and solve the case by helping Police Clive Babineaux. Initially, she thought that she needs a psychiatrist but at that time, Clive comprehended the exact things going on between her and zombies.

Meanwhile, her boss, Ravi, tries to find out any solution for her weird malady in the hope that there will be a day when will be normal once again completely. In the starting few seasons, the number of zombies was increasing in Seattle gradually, while various cabals try to veil the existence of zombies, exploit them, fight them, or even protect them.

iZombie season 6

But at the end of the third season, a private military company that runs zombies infected thousands of people in Seattle by spreading the virus all over Seattle and then thrust the martial law to create a secure and sound sanctuary for the zombies in the city. Then the final two seasons talked about the struggles and quarrels of living under these drastic conditions.

Shortly afterward, Olivia becomes the commander of the human smuggling operation who is responsible to bring those people who are interested in being zombies to Seattle.

The cast of iZombie –

The cast of iZombie is as follows –

Rose Mclver – She played the character of  Olivia “Liv” Moore, female protagonist who eats the brains of the dead people and try to find the reason behind their death who later in the series, she joins the King County morgue so that she can not eat the brains of innocent people.

Malcolm Goodwin – Played the character of Clive Babineaux, Seattle PD detective.

David Anders – Played the role of  Blaine “DeBeers” McDonough, a drug dealer who later on becomes a brain dealer.

Rahul Kohli – He played the role of Ravi Chakrabarti, a medical examiner and boss of Olivia who knows the secret of her and tries to make something which can help Olivia so that she can have her former normal life back once again.

Aly Michalka – Played the role of Peyton Charles, Liv’s best friend as well as her roommate and she is concerned about Liv’s declining interest in life after she attended the boat party.

Robert Buckley -Played the character of Major Lilywhite, Liv’s ex-fiance as after the boat party she breaks up.

Bryce Hodgson – Played the role of Donald “Don E.” Eberhard, an associate of Blaine as well as his business partner.

Robert Knepper – Played the role of Angus McDonough, Blaine’s antagonized and abusive father whom he turned into a zombie.

iZombie season 6

Release date of iZombie season 6 –

It seems like there will be iZombie season 6 though the exact dates are not confirmed yet as the creators of the series had not announced the confirmed dates. The last season of the series was a massive hit among the viewers of the series. After the final episode of season-5, CW network did not say anything about the release of iZombie season 6 or anything about its making.

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Till then, we can not say anything as nothing is confirmed so, let’s wait for the official announcements.

This is all for today’s article on the iZombie season 6 release, Did you find our article on iZombie season 6 useful? Do you get enough information about iZombie season 6? Did I miss something about iZombie season 6? Do you want more articles like iZombie season 6? Comment below: hope you had a great time reading it.

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