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Madam Secretary season 7: Cancelled or renewed? Release date? | Plot | Cast | Storyline | LATEST UPDATES!!

Madam Secretary season 7: CONFIRMED!!

Madam Secretary season 7: Madam secretary, a show which won many hearts and fans following through its following seasons could be regarded as one of the shows along with the house of cards which came up as a huge success. But the million-dollar question which ravels around is that ‘ is there going to be another season which would be the seventh sequel of the show that would be Madam Secretary season 7.

Madam Secretary season 7

Why the intriguing and suspenseful ‘Madam Secretary’ should be on your next Netflix binge list.

Sure, it’s fun to watch House of Cards take over the top but for a more political show in the vein of The West Wing, check out CBS’s Madam Secretary, which is available to stream entirely now that season 6 is on Netflix and on Amazon prime too.

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The cast member Téa Leoni (above) plays perfectly as the role of Elizabeth McCord, a former CIA analyst and college professor who becomes secretary of state and whose skill is dealing with her most sharp antagonists, Russia and China, to turn away international crisis is of great respect. Téa Leoni was portrayed in such a manner that she had an estimable presence in the show. It’s the unpredictability, the charm, and the independent qualities that make Madam so fun to watch.

Madam Secretary season 7

Have you already said goodbye to the Madam Secretary show or are you still looking for the release date for season 7?

A lot of political dramas have come out in recent years and have always gained the interests of the people because everyone is interested in getting aware of what is happening in between the high-ranking people and also what message does the show gives and how the show goes through the real-life situations. The shows portray how these people counter situations in real life so to say as well. Of course, we will not be shown the whole truth but still, there is a certain amount of truth in these series and that’s how they excel for the people.

The story alongside is also well taken just to assure they people would remember along with them as same as that Elizabeth McCord worked at the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) but quits the job and it’s all in the past and decides to spend more time with her family and children. She would not sit at home obviously since the main character is a brilliant analyst and is soon called by the high-ranking people into big politics and she could not refuse the proposed points that she put in front of her. Now that the story takes a turn of events and actually makes it an exciting twist to watch.

The new president calls Elizabeth and turns her into the post of state secretary, and she surrounds herself with a team of reliable people to solve tasks that others could not handle. However, she does not give it a thought to how difficult or challenging it would be to carry the difficulties or burden to balance between work and family.

An interesting storyline where we could actually see honest, good, law-abiding people in the United States government. It stayed pretty close to what is happening and what should be happening in Washington. An engaging, well-acted, and well-written show. Seeing a woman handle the responsibilities of the presidency is a good role model for young people or anyone as well. The storyline and excellent cast allowed the series Madam secretary to stay on the CBS channel for a term of 6 years and now fans are looking forward to the information about the Madam Secretary season 7.  What about the release date in 2020? Is the series renewed or canceled? Rumors spread around as the series might stand canceled due to political pressure as it took around the happenings of politics. Remember Gina Davis in “Commander in Chief” a highly rated show which was canceled due to political pressure, as there might have been some changes or the other which led to the cancellation of the show also they didn’t want to show a woman president during the presidential election years with Hilary Clinton in the picture. The same could have been the situation of Madam Secretary season 7 but who knows? But still, these are all just rumors and the real answer is that we might need to wait to know if Madam Secretary season 7 would be returning or not.

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Madam Secretary season 7

What about a spin-off?

So do viewers need to wait for the renewal information or the release date of Madam Secretary season 7, or is it better to look for a new political drama in 2021? There are numerous political dramas that you could get yourself a hold of. Unfortunately, from the CBS channel, there is still an official confirmation from them that will not be a seventh season or even a spin-off in 2021. The final sixth season was planned which was announced back in 2019. But still, the fans would not hold back easily as they still talk and demands the creators for giving them back their Madam Secretary season 7 through social media and tweets. The requests of the fans are still not heard by the creators about the Madam Secretary season 7, so new episodes of the series are now not worth the wait. We could just hope that in the future we will have a spin-off or a prequel.

Madam Secretary season 7

There are several versions of why there wouldn’t be any Madam Secretary season 7 from the people as everyone has their own point of views on it but the main reasons that came to light from the experts of the Hollywood Reporters are that the CBS channel leaders were unhappy with the fact that the ratings weren’t s as amazing as expected for the show. This theory is also confirmed by fact that financing of the final sixth season was assigned for only 10 episodes.

Well, many actors of Madam Secretary show already said their goodbyes to the project and thanked their fans for the support throughout the period of the term. It a great worth to watch a show with archetypes for a leader, especially a female leader.

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