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Best zombie movies on Netflix: SELECTED ONES!! | Add them to your playlist!! | WATCH NOW!!!

Best zombie movies on Netflix

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I am back with another amazing article for you all. As you know by the title of the article, we are going to talk about the best zombie movies on Netflix especially during these crazy times where you literally have nothing to do and you can not even go out of your houses to hang out with your friends or family. So, in that case, you can definitely go ahead watching these Best zombie movies on Netflix. So, what are you waiting for? Go and get a subscription to Netflix if you do not have one, though it would be quite a rare situation! (lol)

Despite being chary of an obligatory apocalypse, leads to the entry of zombies and the later mess. It would definitely not be absurd to say that the west mainly Americans have always been the haunt with zombies. I might sound a bit weird but these movies have brain-eating ferocious, not living, and not dead creatures that are quite darkly fascinating to watch. Usually, such movies are a kind of adaptation of Science fiction as well as reverie movies.

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With the massive success of a variety of movies as World War Z, we have already seen a surge in the number of movies of these undead creatures releasing almost every next year. Alive and The evil dead are other not only great but successful instances of such movies. And when the star actors are involved in such movies, they can never be ignored like there are zombie movies in which stars like Will Smith and Brad Pitt play their roles.

If apocalypse movies are good and interesting, it can make your Sunday, fun day! Though Netflix has a limited stock of zombie movies that you guys can actually watch or you might even be astonished but you can have fun if you are someone who likes a nice blend of thrillers, humor, and horror. Here you will find the best zombie movies on Netflix that you must watch or save in your playlist to watch whenever you like. You might watch these films on Amazon Prime or Hulu as well.

List of the Best zombie movies on Netflix:

5. The Girl With All The Gifts (2017) –

Best zombie movies on Netflix

The set is of a dystopian world where an unknown kind of fungus has transformed all the normal human beings into abnormal people as in brainless and flesh-eating creatures. Very few humans were left safe but they were also living terrified as they could get affected by this dangerous fungi.

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A scientist with the teacher discovered that there is a girl who is not at all affected by this fungus, so they made a plan to save humanity. At this time, when we were done with this genre of movies, The girl with all the gifts came up with its twists with the story till now we have seen. This is emotional as well as moving which you will definitely love.

4. Phobia 2 (2009)-

Best zombie movies on Netflix

This movie is available for all the admirers of the genre of Zombie movies from Thailand. This is basically a compendium of five short stories – out of which one the short stories is Backpackers is regarding zombies which revolve around the two passengers who are on the hitchhiking line in Thailand.

These two persons were picked up by a trucker who assured them that he will help them to take to a secured place. But they sensed that something weird was going on with that trucker and he had various dead bodies and soon after that, he pointed the tip of the gun at the travelers for their liberation.

Shortly afterward, the dead bodies were transformed into zombies and they started killing binge. This is one of the most successful movies from Thailand.

3. Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island (1998) –

Best zombie movies on Netflix

Every person has a favorite buster of ghost Scooby and Shaggy and the other members of their team fire up the mystery machine and moved to the Zombie take over to Moonscar Island in one of the best zombie movies named Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island. So, without any doubt, one of the best and darkest zombie films ever. The monsters are not actors here but there are real monsters and there were few real deaths that happened in the film.

2. The evil dead (1981) –

Best zombie movies on Netflix

Though it is a low-budget film, no one can ever deny the fact that this movie is literally blown the minds of people, it is a cult classic for forty years now. The plot is somewhat like a group of friends go to a frightening cabin in the middle of nowhere for having a fun night but the situation turned out to be terrifying.

They basically found a book named Necronomicon and they started reading it aloud which leads to the rise of dead bodies. This further leads to the death of the group members one by one and it also contains various elements of dark comedy. This is one of the best zombie movies on Netflix.

1. Alive (2020) –

Best zombie movies on Netflix

South Korea is quite popular for making some amazing and incredible movies based on the genre of zombies which are really terrifying, scary, and fast. This one is the latest in the above-mentioned movies. It is a story of a lonely gamer who is tucked in his apartment and has no food, no weapons, and no way to get out of the house as well. The zombies are right at the front door of his apartment trying to break the gate.

He literally loses all his hopes as he finds out that most of his family members are no more alive but regains his confidence as he finds out that there is a girl right in the neighboring apartment which he saw through the window of his room. This further leads to the relationship between this boy and the girl of the neighboring apartment and you are rooting for them. This is something fresh in this genre hence it is one of the best zombie movies on Netflix

This is all for today’s article on the Best zombie movies on Netflix! Which movie will you select from the Best zombie movies on Netflix? Do you find our article on the Best zombie movies on Netflix useful? Did I miss any movie in Best zombie movies on Netflix? Do you want more lists like Best zombie movies on Netflix? Comment below:

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