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Shemar Moore Wife: Who is He married to? | know about Shemar Moore wife | Shemar Moore dating list

Shemar Moore Wife: IDENTITY REVEALED!!

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Shemar Moore Wife: Welcome back to the page! Today we are going to talk about such a famous and heart-throb guy of girls of every generation from the acting industry who doesn’t need any kind of introduction. Just take the name and everybody will understand whom we are talking about. In this article, you will be reading about Shemar Moore wife.

Shemar Moore or Shemar Franklin Moore, as you already know, he is an American actor as well as a very popular fashion model. He got the fame after performing for The Young and the Restless as Malcolm Winters from the year 1994 to 2005.

For this popular role, he was honored with the Daytime Emmy Award. He never stopped working and when he left the show, he appeared on the show named Criminal Minds which aired on the television for quite a long period of time, that was from the year 2005 to 2016 in which he played the character of Derek Morgan.

Then, in the year 2017, Shemar Moore started working for S.W.A.T. where he played the role of Sergeant Daniel. Shemar Moore has always been considered as one of the most handsome and most desirable men in Hollywood so we can say that Shemar Moore has been seen as a sex symbol or the adonis. Know more details about Shemar Moore Wife below:

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Shemar Moore Wife

And because he is dishy, it is hard to believe that this man is still single! Have a look at the dating list of Shemar Moore –

Okay, so, the first one is Anabelle Acosta, yes you are right. She is the Quantico star, Anabelle Acosta. he was so bewitched after seeing her that he even rewarded the person who provided him with the E-mail address of the Quantico actress.

They both were attracted to each other and started dating each other when Shemar Moore texted her on her E-mail. He once in an interview with Steve Harvey said that Anabelle told him that they won’t rush the relationship, they will be friends and understand each other, know each other more in a better way as they both are cute!

In the year 2018, Shemar Moore and Anabelle Moore made their debut on the red carpet for the Grammy Awards. They dated each other for a while and unfortunately, they broke up because of their busy schedules.

Once in an interview with TMZ, Shemar Moore told that people are now tired of seeing him and his mother together on the red carpet and started calling him gay but his relationship with Anabelle and walking together on the red carpet with her proved the fact that he is not a gay.

Shemar Moore Wife

The next one is a very beautiful, and gorgeous lady, Shawna Gordon. In January 2015, Shemar Moore announced officially that he is in a relationship with a soccer player. In an interview with TMZ, he told that Shawna Gordon is the hottest chick in the sports, and in case if she stands and turns around, one might even faint.

After a month, he went on The Ellen Show, where he showered her gorgeous girlfriend with all his compliments. He said that his girlfriend challenged me to do my best and made me smile. But it feels that this relationship was a bit more unanticipated as he told that his grandmother said that she was up there and smiling on him, and when he will least anticipate, she will come up and bite him in the ass!

They were last spotted in the year 2016 in the public.

Shemar Moore wife, Sanaa Lathan –

The next one is very important to mention as she was Shemar Moore Wife, ex-wife, Sanaa Lathan or Sanaa McCoy Lathan is an American actress. She was born on Sept 19, 1971, in New York City, USA.  She was always quite famous as she is the daughter of Stan Lathan (a TV producer) and Eleanor McCoy (a broadway actress).

Shemar Moore Wife

Sanaa was a nerd and a studious girl who dreamed to be a lawyer but her destiny was something else and she ended up matriculating the Yale University to study drama. She is now a renowned actress who is popular for playing the role of Ashe Akino in the series “Shots Fired” and in the movie, “Now You See Me 2” where she played the role of Natalie Austin as the deputy director and various others.

Shemar Moore wife once received Tony Award for her amazing performance. Shemar Moore’s wife has a huge fan base on Instagram as she is loved by her fans. You will be startled by knowing that her net worth is $4 million as it is surely not a big thing for any of the Hollywood stars but still is a fair amount of money.

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Sanaa Lathan was once officially married to Shemar Moore on May 11, 1991, which lasted only for 5 years which is indeed not a good amount of time and they grew apart in the year 1996. Sanaa was also seen as the love interest on one of her movies’ co-actor, Omar Epps, but they also broke up in the year 2002.

In the film, Love, and Basketball, it was her breaking role where she played the character of Monica Wright, a girl who wants to be a basketball player and in this ride of being a basketball player she fells in love with her neighbor and colleague which was played by Omar Epps.

Shemar Moore Wife

According to her, it was a bit hard for her to play this character as it was based on the basketball sport and she has no idea about this sport but thankfully she tackled it with the help of her acting skills.

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Shemar Moore Wife: Who is He married to? | know about Shemar Moore wife | Shemar Moore dating list
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