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Antonio Garza: Bio | Gender | Breakup | controversy | UNREVEALED FACTS!! | Exclusive information here!!

Antonio Garza all the truth about

Antonio Garza is the First rising You Tuber sensation and American beauty who identified as a makeup artist and Social media influencer. She became popular on YouTube for publishing beauty and fashion content on her self-titled YouTube channel.
Achieving the intended goal is not an easy task on social media platforms.  From the outside, it’s so easy to create funny ideas, interesting content and put it on YouTube. We can think it is easy to reach the top level but those who are in that field can understand the difficulty. Any successful You Tuber will tell you that it works hard and contains content that no one else has. Antonio Garza fame and followers keep on increasing. Currently, she has 3.66 million subscribers.

How Antonio Garza became very popular, what are her strengths and motifs to turn her life into transgender. This article describes her identity, struggles as a YouTube star, and her plans. Here, check out all information about Antonio.


Name:         Antonio Garza

Nickname:         Antonio

Date of Birth:         December 15, 2002

Birth Place:         Austin, Texas, USA

Age                       :         18 years(2020)

Gender:         Trans-Female

Profession:         You Tuber

Nationality:         American

Religion:         Christian

Sign:         Sagittarius

Ethnicity:         White

Net Worth:         1$ Million


Actor:         Robert Pattinson

Actress:         Kristen Stewart

Color:         Blue

Food:         Pizza

Movie:         The Twilight Saga

Hobbies:         Traveling

Antonio Garza was born on 15th December 2002 in Texas, North America, USA. She was with her older brother and grew up along with him. She is very much talented when it comes to makeup and fashion vlogging. She is quite natural who is a very pretty cool and down-to-earth woman. She is a too young lady and has an implacable unique fashion style like a Hollywood celebrity. Her dark brown hair and her eyes are perfectly suited to her skin tone. In her appearance in photos, Antonio Garza has a fit figure stylish woman and looks good when she attends events as well as in her videos. Garza did not reveal much about her early life except her schooling life. As she says, she was a student at a public school and often filmed there. But, she was dropped taking online classes. Antonio doesn’t want to reveal her family and relationship status. She might be in single status by focusing her career path as per our sources.

Antonio Garza

Antonio Garza: CAREER

Antonio Garza started her work through a YouTube channel in 2014 and has been waiting more than four years to post her first video. Her first video landed on YouTube in 2018 and has released the entitled “Valentine’s Heart Cut Crease Makeup Look” which has been viewed by over a million people so far. By continuing with the same flow she was uploaded other makeup and beauty-related video of “9th Grade Everyday Makeup Look / Vlog” and “Best Travel Vlog You Ever watch”, Both videos surprised Antonio with a good response from the audience. These two are making her sensational career in her life. After that, Garza created the video titled “Full Face Using Every Single Piece of Makeup I Own” which was viewed by over three million people. Later she was uploaded “Me attempting to play Fortnight”

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Fashionista helps other young women learn about the makeup and beauty-related fields through her unique and detailed makeup tutorials, genius beauty hacks, and sassy fashion material through her videos. Brilliant and attractive Antonia has had a lot of success on YouTube today. She recently had over 1.7 million followers on her YouTube channel.

She always enjoys shopping and traveling a lot. She inaugurated her makeup and fashion center for beauty in 2014. She started her first video was “Valentine Heart Cut Crease Makeup Look”, in that she was introduced herself to the audience with a unique and special eye makeup look. She proceeds daily makeup tutorials. These videos’ content receives a large number of views. It inspires her to produce more videos and posts in vlogs which are related contents of makeup, beauty, and fashion. She started her career as You Tuber and also she is famous on other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Her estimated net worth is $1 million. Antonio’s first video is Makeup Transformation which crosses more than 4 million views. In that video, she explains makeup how to prepare for school. The second video of Garza shows answering some of the questions which were posted by her fans and admirers. This video got over 2.5 million views.

Antonio Garza beauty is known as You Tuber, many of her videos have gone viral and her channel is still growing. Garza is popular as a You Tuber as well as having a good sense of humor. Antonio Garza was born as a male, but apparently transforms into a woman and thinks of himself as ‘herself’.

Latest Videos

Antonio Garza latest videos include, “the truth about online school”, “My True Identity”, “First Day Of Online School vlog” and “I dropped out of school. here is why”.

Antonio Garza

In her latest videos,Antonio Garza gives an update to her fans about her personal life and education and it seems to appreciate by the audience to support her. They showing full of support and love to her. By knowing all these, finally, the young YouTuber makes a sensation and has 2.7 million followers, and thanks to her talent she has been able to earn a name for herself and gain more popularity in social media.

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Net Worth

According to official sources, Garza’s net worth, $300,000, was extracted from her career in the previously mentioned field.

Antonio Garza hasn’t disclosed any kind of information about her properties, vehicles, or house, but as she struggled at a steady pace at young age, she was able to support herself financially. As the creator of YouTube content, Garza makes money every time for an advertisement which are is featured in some of her videos and even she makes money through these paid promotions.

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Garza identified as Transgender

Garza was born as a male but is now she was recognized as a transgender woman. Antonio’s fearlessness and confidence about her gender identity made her very popular with the fans.

Antonio Garza

Reasons to drop her schooling,

A drop in her grades began to appear due to her online commitments. At the same time, her YouTube channel suffered because she had spent more time in school. So that she would like to drop her school to focus on YouTube. Garza intimates to her mother about this decision, and although she was initially opposed to it, she saw the logic behind the talent of Garza. Antonio, I explained in a video entitled “I dropped out of school and here’s why”

In her words, “It was like, I’m done. I will never come back to this school again. I think this is an amazing decision for me. I do not want to sacrifice YouTube, which means a lot to me, it has changed my life like never before. For something that I am really dissatisfied with, I would never risk that it was school. ”

Antonio explained how difficult it was for her to create and edit videos when she went to school. However, she warned fans blindly do not to drop the school. She revealed that she was going to join an online school.

Antonio Garza breaks up with You Tuber James Charles

Antonio Garza

Antonio was followed by Jeffree Star, one of the leading figures in the YouTube makeup industry, but Garza did not follow Jeffree. So that, Jeffree unfollowed her. Later, she agreed about it on her Twitter page and jokingly added “it’s okay I do too”.

James Charles one of the Tubers and he is very far from his next controversy. Among others, he set high ticket prices for his meeting and greetings and tried straight men to use his fame to sleep with him. Garza and Charles were close, they even made videos together. Garza lost her followers after collaborating with Charles. Antonio did not follow Charles after that scandal and after pairing with Tana Mongou to insult Garza’s Coachella outfit.

Antonio  Entrepreneur

Antonio Garza started her clothing line in 2019, This clothing lines included Garza’s favorite emoji and cartoon characters on hoodies or fabrics. But she was criticized immediately for being too expensive. Despite the criticism, Antonio was able to sell her collaboration hoddie with the champion. Antonio is determined to do this as a businesswoman, and she will not dazzle critics.

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