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Boris Sanchez | Early life | Career | Jennifer Piekut and his personal life | Career EXCLUSIVE NEWS!!!

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Boris Sanchez well-known name in the field of Journalism as he is an American journalist who has worked as a CNN White House penfriend. He is an alum of Syracuse University, he did the graduation in broadcast journalism and international relations. Then, soon after this, he joined FOX 31 Denver. After that, he joined CNN as the national penfriend which was based in New York, and then in Miami.

Boris Sanchez covered various stories like stories related to natural disasters as the Charlotte furor in the year 2016 which occurred due to the firing of an African-American guy by a police officer, another story of Hurricane Matthew in northern Florida.

In the year 2017, Boris Sanchezmoved to Washington, D.C., and started reporting for all the major policies of Trump’s administration mainly. In this article, you will be reading about Boris Sanchez’s love life and more about his career! Stay tuned!

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Let’s talk about Boris Sanchez a little more in detail.

Early life and Schooling –

Boris Sanchez was born in Havana (I remembered the song Havana oh na na!) but later on, he moved to the USA and settled over there. He completed his high school in the USA only and then he matriculated to the Syracuse University. This university was the Genessee Wesleyan Seminary in Lima initially but later on, it dislocated and transformed into a university.

Boris Sanchez

In the year 1920, the college became non-sectarian but still had a good relationship with The United Methodist Church. This college is basically divided into 13 schools and even international admissions are possible here.

It provides the applications for various courses including structure, library science,  engineering, enterprise administration, arts, and the list goes on…This one also has various athletic groups such as Orange who performs various sports ventures under the NCAA Division I competition.

Beginning of his career –

He initially joined NBC-federation WTJC as an intern just to gain some experience and skills and this radio station is situated in the Virgin Islands. The first-ever skilled job he got was because of the weekend anchor of the CA-based radio station KRCR.

He worked there for some time but soon after it, he joined Denver’s Fox 31 or can be called with the other name, KDVR. KDVR basically airs different applications but all are related to the Fox, indeed. It also conglomerates with Fox Sports, “Wheel of fortune” or “Jeopardy”. Not only this, but it is also known for its protection for the local sports groups as in National Football League (NFL) Denver Broncos.

Finally, his destiny led him to CNN, which is a popular channel, providing 24-hours information protection only in the USA. He reported various news which includes Manhunt which happened after the Dannemora, New York cell break, terrorist slap that occurred at Chattanooga’s navy military base.

These all reports made him more popular and led him to receive a strong place with the communal. He was even awarded Heartland Regional Emmy Award due to his expertise in journalism in the year 2015.

Boris Sanchez

Boris Sanchez’s wife and his

personal life –

Boris Sanchez tied the knot with Jennifer Piekut in the year 2016 in Truckee, California but only in the presence of family and few close friends as Jennifer is a super secretive lady. But through their Instagram page, it is clear that they both like to travel a lot as they recently went to the Bahamas and West Indies.

There is not much information regarding his wife as I already mentioned that she keeps his personal life personal.

Though Boris Sanchez keeps his personal life low profile still he has shared a little bit about his pastimes as he loves to watch documentaries related to some serial killers and he even declared that such a weird hobby helped him to grow as a journalist. He also likes to play video games of the National Basketball League (NBL) and more often goes to various sports occasions.

He is a big fan of Cuban meals over any other kind of meal and usually studies about it in his free time. He also follows the politics in Latin America and he is also quite active on social media and particularly on Twitter and updates all the latest news on it.

Boris Sanchez

Wendy Williams invited Boris Sanchez

for the show –

Wendy Williams is a host of a talk show who once called Boris Sanchez a beautiful man and even invited on her show. Boris Sanchez is a married man, that is a fact but there is one more thing about him is a fact that he is very attractive. In fact, Wendy Williams confirmed her love for Boris Sanchez on the television live.

Not only this, all his female fans thirst over him through the platform of social media, Instagram. Wendy said that Boris Sanchez has good hair, good skin and that is all for her, he is her guy. Boris Sanchez speaks well and is really smart too.

Hope you got enough information about Boris Sanchez.

Until next time, stay tuned.

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Boris Sanchez | Early life | Career | Jennifer Piekut and his personal life | Career EXCLUSIVE NEWS!!!
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