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Naomi Osaka Parents: Boyfriend | Career | Achievements | Net worth | UNTOLD TRUE STORY!!!

Naomi Osaka Parents: Truth

Naomi Osaka Parents: Naomi Osaka is a famous name that is buzzing in the world. She is a tennis superstar and the winner of the Grand Slam twice. At the 2020 U.S Open, she has sent a critical message about Black Lives and the matter of racial justice. Osaka played a key role by wearing masks with the names of black murder victims, including George Floyd, Troy Martin, and Bryonia Taylor. She is an inspiration to everyone. She has shaped her career very well with the support of her parents and family. Know more about Naomi Osaka Parents below:

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Name:     Naomi Osaka

Born:      October 16th,1997

Country:      Japan

Residence:      Beverly Hills, California, U.S

Sports:      Tennis Player

Height:      5 feet 11 inches

Parents:      Tamaki Osaka (Mother)

Leonard Francois (Father)

Mari Osaka (Sister)

Coach                :    Wim Fissette(2020-Till)

Official website: 

Naomi Osaka is born on October 16, 1997. Her parents are Leonard Francois and Tamaki Osaka who gave a lot of support to Naomi and turned her path to lead successfully. She is a Japanese tennis player.


Naomi’s father gave coaching to his daughter when she was a child. They actually cooperated in the pursuit before the US open, proceeds to go to UNICEF:

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When Naomi was 16 years old, she got an opportunity at the national training center in Boca Raton, But she declined. Osaka’s father was the reason that she excelled in tennis. In fact, in 2018 Open U.S. She followed Serena Williams’s paths before she defeated Williams. “I think I’m like a character to spread awareness, ”she said recently about wearing a mask, but she has long been supportive of similar causes. What do we know about her family that had a profound effect on her?”

Naomi Osaka Parents

In the 2018 US Open,2019 Australian Open, Naomi won the first two Grand slam singles title at the tournament of Grand slam, And she is only the first player who achieves this feat on Jennifer Capriati since 2001. And she also became the first woman who successfully won the titles of Grand slam singles since Serena Williams in 2015.

Naomi has developed a strong fan base in Japan, as well as lucrative accolades. She split up with her former coach Jermaine Jenkins in 2019 and her father temporarily stepped in to train her. At that moment she joked, and She brings another coach, and her father’s support is important and frustrating. In 2020, she added coach Wim Fissette to her team but her family was an important part of her work and life.

Net worth

Naomi Osaka Earnings are $37.4 million in 2020. It making her the richest Sportswomen of 2020


Some of the major achievements of Naomi Osaka. In Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) ranked Osaka as No. 1 and she is the first Asian player who always holds the top ranking in singles. She is a four-time champion of Grand Slam singles. Osaka is the reigning champion of the US and Australian Open. In the WTA tour seven titles, She has gain two at the Premier Mandatory level.

Naomi Osaka Parents

Naomi Osaka Parents

Naomi Osaka Parents are Tamaki Osaka(From Japan) and Leonard Francois(From Haiti). Naomi looks Black and Asian. Francois is the person who always encourages Osaka’s plannings in her sports. He did not any experience in Tennis But he always wanted the same thing, that Naomi should be a great athlete in tennis.

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Instead, Naomi celebrates her Inheritance, saying about Naomi Osaka Parents in an interview in 2018:

“Tamaki studied in a high school which is named as Japan high school, and she meets Francois when she was in a school. At that time Francois was in college. The two have been secretly dating for many years, And Tamaki’s family had not spoken to her for almost a year and a half after learning of her relationship with Francois. So that, Tamaki moved to Long Island to live with the Francois family when Naomi (She was born in Osaka) was 3 years old. But the family reunited with Naomi Osaka Parents in 2008.”

Naomi Osaka Parents

Naomi says she was not recognized as an American, although she grew up in the U.S. for some part of her life. “I don’t feel necessary that I’m American. I do not know how it is.”

Osaka was not born in the U.S, Although she grew up in America. Abandonment of citizenship, Naomi Osaka Parents explained why they chose Osaka to represent Japan :

“Francois and Tamaki decided that Naomi would represent Japan when she is a young age. She was born in Osaka and raised in a home of Japanese and Haitian culture. Simply, Naomi and her sister Mari have always felt Japanese, so this is our only reason. It was never a motivated or financial decision, we did not move forward in any way with any national federation.”

Francois doesn’t have experience in tennis, but he was inspired by the Williams sisters. Francois followed the formula of Richard Williams to make his daughter’s career a successful path. Francois watched videos and his daughters hit thousands of balls in a day. Francois’s family moved to Florida for training opportunities to get more, and he still follows his daughters’ training and keeps matches close.

Both Naomi Osaka Parents are her biggest fans. After Naomi winning on Serena Williams, She went to her mother to see her mother’s emotional tearful moments. Naomi Osaka posted about her parents and how they gave support in her life.

Mari sister of Naomi. Her older sister also a tennis player. If you are wondering, yes they made comparisons with Venus and Serena Williams. She is in the position of #350 rank. These two sisters are very much close and good friends on the court and they are playing doubles with their skills on the court. Mari also posts their family photos occasionally.

Naomi Osaka Parents

Naomi’s Relationship

Naomi Osaka won her fourth Grand Slam title at the Australian Open on Saturday. Osaka was in a relationship with rapper Cordae. The pair previously made headlines when they cheered Osaka’s achievement at the US Open in 2020.

Naomi Osaka Parents

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