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Catherine Paiz: Know all the untold truth | Relationship with Austin | Predictions for marriage and Kids

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You might have heard the name of the ACE family. This name has been formed by the initials of 3 family members – Austin McBroom, Catharine Paiz, and Elle (the first daughter of Austin and Catharine). In this article, you will be knowing all the untold truths about Catherine Paiz and her family. Stay tuned!

Catharine isn’t her first name!

Catherine Paiz is an actress, model, and Canadian YouTuber, born on August 24, 1990. She has an athletic personality as she played volleyball, soccer as well as Hockey in her school days. Catherine Paiz started working as a model when she was sweet 16.

After that, she did a job at an ice-cream parlor. She even did modeling for the Azzelia swimwear in the year 2013. It was just a starting for her modeling career, she started getting a lot of offers for modeling and then, she became one of the top models of the industry. Once she worked as a VIP manager for Arkadia Miami.

Later in her life, she had received quite a lot of offers for films even like – Lilin’s Brood, Monday Nights At Seven, You Can’t Have It. Due to all these things, she started growing her followers on social media also.

Her ethnicity is Panamanian and her parents named their daughter Dolores Catherine Johnston Paiz.  Once her dad gave a promise to her mother’s foster mother that he will give Dolores as a name to her daughter but Catherine’s mother was against this.

But later on, Catherine herself denied keeping Dolores as her first name due to her mother’s influence.

Catherine Paiz

Catherine Paiz and Austin’s relationship :

They both met at one of the dinner parties and it was love at first sight. But there were no feelings for Austin in Catherine Paiz heart. Austin asked her for a date which she reluctantly agreed for. She didn’t feel anything for him still but Austin was thinking a lot about their future.

Soon after that, Austin proposed to her, confessed her feelings for her which Catherine Paiz literally ignored as she thought like all other relationships, this relationship also won’t work and she will be alone forever. But she realized that she was wrong and they were meant to be together.

Catherine Paiz got pregnant even before they got engaged. But finally, they got engaged after a year of Elle Lively McBroom’s birth which was on May 28, 2016. Once on her YouTube channel, she revealed that they got married to Austin somewhere in the year 2018.

They tied the knot in the backyard of their house and she said in an interview that they will do a little event and invite their family members, friends to share their happiness but for now they have decided to do this in private.

She also changed her last name on her Instagram account to McBroom, she said she could have done this before but she forgot her email as well as its password.

Catherine Paiz

ACE family YouTube channel :

Okay, so the first-ever video of the ACE family posted was on July 27, 2016, and within no time it grew so quickly and it happened because of the prank videos Catharine Paiz and Austin did on each other. The rapid growth of the channel was a surprise even for them.

This success brought them a lot of fame and popularity. People started treating them as celebrities but in an interview, Catharine Paiz said that they don’t see themselves as celebrities rather they are just a regular family, only people think like that. They also got few celebrity friends which includes Kylie Jenner, who gave a gender reveal party on the birth of their second child.

Prediction about Catherine Paiz marriage

and Kids :

Once a psychic told Catharine Paiz that she will marry Austin and she will have three kids when she was just a 10 years-old kid, she said that in an interview. She added that she literally forgot about all this but realized when all these things actually happened with her.

Catharine Paiz has a perfect sweet family now with three little kids – Elle (eldest daughter), Alaia (second daughter), and Steel (youngest son). In fact, Elle makes videos for their YouTube channel with her younger sister and this one is my personal favorite, THEY REALLY DID THIS TO THEIR YOUNGER BROTHER. She is very talented, indeed!

Catharine Paiz and Austin quite often post their kids’ pictures on their Instagram accounts.

Catherine Paiz

Sexual Assault claim on Austin :

Cole Carrigan, a YouTuber who claimed that Austin sexually assaulted her via a YouTube video named “The truth about the ACE family” which Austin denied through his Twitter and said ” If you have not heard, I have recently been a victim of extortion, defamation, and slander. I knew this was a cold world but never did I foresee something this disturbing upon me.”

Catharine Paiz defended her husband by a post on her social media account. She wrote, “I don’t know who’s worse? The person who photoshops conversations OR the people who believe it? Next. Can’t break us, ever. I literally died of laughter”.

She trusts her husband!

Catharine Paiz – Augmented Breasts :

People were already suspecting the fact that she has undergone some kind of surgery on any of her body parts which was then confirmed by Catharine Paiz herself via one of her Instagram posts where she told about her breast augmentation. She discussed a little bit more about it and said that she is open to this.

There are few other rumors that she has done nose surgery too but this was never confirmed by herself!

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