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Princess Agent Season 2: [Leaks!!!] Release Date | Cast | Storyline | Plot Coming Again Soon? Revealed Dates.

Princess Agent was a Chinese television series based on the novel11 Chu Te Gong Huang Fei, written by Xiao Xiang Dong Er. It stars Zhao Liying, Lin Gengxin, Shawn Dou, and  Li Qin. The series aired on Hunan TV from June to  August 2017.

Read Princess Agent Season 2 release date and much more below:  This story is based on the novel 11 chu te gong Huang Fei by xiao Xiang donger. The script has been written by Jia Wen, Yang Tao, Chen Lan and was directed by Wu Jinyuan.

The origin country of the series is China and its language is Mandarin. There are a total of 58 uncut and 67, TV version episodes. This story is taken place in Mongolia. Read Princess Agent Season 2 release date and much more below:

The story is unfinished and it ends with the suspense in the final episode of Princess Agent So, we may expect the next season to continue.

No further details have been confirmed. Princess Agent is a commercial success and 40 million views on Chinese streaming.

The sites were Youku, Tencent, and Iqiyi. The script is written by Yang Tao and Chen Lan and reportedly took two years to be completed the series.

Princess Agent Season 2

The soundtrack of the series is composed by Roc Chen. Huang Wen acts as the style director, Li Cai serves as the stunt coordinator. Photography began in May 2016 at Hengdian Studios and ends in November 2016.

Short bite of the Princess Agent :

The drama is in ancient times. Normal people can’t live their life comfortably, because some of the slaves are used to kidnap innocent people and force them into slaves. On the other hand, Prince Yan Xun saves her life.


The story takes place during the Chaotic Times of Northern Wei. Where innocent people were kidnapped and turned into slaves.

The slave girl, Chu Qiao as Zhao lying is thrown into the forest along with the other slaves and the next hunting target for the rich lords. The slave girl is saved by the prince northern yan, Yan Xun as Shawn Dou, and Yuwen Yue as Lin Gengxin.

Unfortunately, the schemes of the nobles in Western Wei cause Yan Xun’s family to be killed and branded as betrays. Yan Xun becomes ambitious and cruel after the incident as he promised to take revenge for the things and the people he lost.

Princess Agent Season 2

Disappointment with Yan Xun, whom she once trusted, Chu Qiao eventually breaks off her ties with Yan Xun and chosen to fight against Yuwen Yue to damage Yan Xun’s plan of vengeance.

There was a controversy that focused on the second male character is leading the storyline. with some viewers calling the drama “Yan Xun’s revenge story”. The drama was also criticized for ending in suspense.

The series reaches a rating of 2.01% with an audience’s view share and 14.88%  according to the National average rating.

This breaks the record for the drama airing on a non- prime time slot on a non-holiday weekday. Mainly, the drama is also the first Chinese drama to break 40 million views while it’s airing. This series is also popular in overseas countries.

Princess Agent received praise for its unique storyline and the performance of the actors as well as the complex twist and picturesque landscapes.

Apart from this, its success and positive reviews, about the series were later criticized for various issues like production quality, such as photoshop/green screen, exclusively bright palette, and also the dubbing actors.

The writing of the script is also critical for various reasons, whereas including unnecessary storylines and screen time for unimportant supporting characters.

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Know every detail about Princess Agent Season 2 –

So I must say you if season Two is confirmed then we can start it from season one Know where is  Yun Xin pledged to have a vengeance also for his lost dear once So looking at all this we can say that Season 2 will be full of drama and also vengeance.

The Cast has been updated in-season Two is given below –

Zhao Liying will reprise her role of Chu Qiao
Shawn Dou will also reprise the role of Yan Xun
Li QIn will present her role of Yuan Chun
Xin Zhao Lin will go to play Yue Qu
Lin Gengxin will comeback as Yuwen Yue

Some Other Cast May Include:
Kwok Fung
Wang Dong
Sun Yi
Wang Yanlin
Liu Yuqi and others

Viewers opinion and questions regarding Princess Agents:

Season second of Princess Agent tells the adventure of Chu Qiao. What will happen after Yuwen Yue drown at the icy lake in season one.

Will he able to survive till the end? Will there a love story between him and Chu Qiao? How can Yan Xun accept the truth that chu Qiao no longer loves him? When will he revenge? Will there be any chance for everything to get back to normal?

Will, there be a happing ending? or not. All the questions are running over the audience’s mind. Without giving a conclusion in season 1 people may expect for the second season.

May season 2 will give a conclusion of the drama whether he will revenge or not, there will be love between them or not?.

Princess Agent Season 2


Princess Agent Season 2 updates:

We don’t have any official confirmation regarding the release date of Princess Agent Season 2.We don’t know whether we will see Princess Agent Season 2 as there is no official information made by the drama creators. Princess Agents will likely be renewed for Princess Agent Season 2 by 2021.

But it seems that they will continue the story from where it’s left off from season one where it ends with suspense. So, it is likely that the upcoming season will follow from where it ends.

Yu Wen Yue, continuously telling her to go out from the water and saying her to live her life again, so it is the suspense that will we the Chu will live again? or she saves Yu Wen Yue?.Princess Agent Season 2


The Chinese Fantastic drama series which is based on the novel 11 chu Te Gong Huang Fei, is the most anticipated series and fans are expecting the season very seriously. So will Princess Agent Season 2 ever happen?

The Fantastic series of Princess Agents aired in 2017 and was one of the biggest drama series. Since its season 1, the fans are continuously asking for Princess Agent Season 2. But sorry Princess Agent Season 2 has not renewed officially still now. Princess Agent Season 2 will be fully based on the drama of vengeance.

If possible, if Princess Agent Season 2 is released we can able to see our loved characters in the drama. Because this drama is one of the most-watched Chinese dramas. The production team left the drama incompletely, the story without the perfect ending when there is a male character left down while the female powers arose.

Release Date:

As you may know, the first season of The Princess Agents has already started. It appeared from 5, 2017 June to August 2017. The previous season of this amazing series gets 9.8/10 ratings from IMDB and on Chinese streaming sites it received 40 million over viewership.

For now, we don’t have any official confirmation about the release date of The Princess Agents season 2. We can’t say much about whether or not The Princess Agents Season 2 will arrive. We say that only after its huge rating. The viewers and fans wanted to see this amazing anime again on the screen of the TV. In 2022, I wish we could see a Princess Agents season 2.

The trailer of Princess Agent Season 2:

They’re still not yet released any official trailer, but we get it soon. We can watch a few videos on youtube as well as full videos.

Season one of Princess Agents has got very good reviews in IMDB. we may expect its announcement very soon. We will wait and have more suspense from Princess Agent Season 2. Soon Princess Agent Season 2 will release.


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