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Contents Anime like rising of the shield heroList of Anime like rising of the shield hero:1.Deadman Wonderland2.Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa  Machigatteiru Darou3.Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s StrongestMahoutsukai no Yome Anime like rising …

Anime like rising of the shield hero

Anime like the rising of the shield hero: Rising of The Shield Hero is an entertaining and adventurous series that is being loved by many people all around the globe. The first few episodes are something that can be relatable to you. A man who is not only equipped with the shield is also known to be one of the world’s best defenders ever but when he faces a cruel betrayal that not only he lose but also affect his reputation, he tries and works hard to regain the public’s trust once again while he is still fighting evil with some of his few devoted allies. Check out the name of the best Anime like rising of the shield hero:

‘Rising of the Shield Hero’, also known as ‘Tet no Yusha no Narigiri’.This anime is recently started airing. This is an isekai anime. The show is quite entertaining and its first few episodes have been liked by many peoples. So, until another season of “Rising of the Shield Hero” arrives, why not take a look at some of the shows that are similar to this anime. Most of these anime series have finished broadcast and are entertaining. So we have brought you some such anime series that are as amazing as Rising of The Shield Hero. The list of all those series is given below.

Anime like rising of the shield hero

List of Anime like rising of the shield hero:

1.Deadman Wonderland

The very first to our list of the best Anime like rising of the shield hero is: Deadman Wonderland has a lot of substance and violence build in it. The character of the anime is Ganta Igarashi. He is a very normal middle school student who visits the prison amusement park with his entire class from his school side as a field trip. The park is known as  Deadman Wonderland and is also known for its inmates that are being performed for the surprise and entertainment of the viewers. But things turn upside down when a mysterious man in red appears and slaughters all of his classmates. The man does not kill him but he does receive a death sentence and is sent to Deadman Wonderland just like others for completing its death sentence.

This is a place that is also going to be hard to survive for him as he needs to fight in some brutal matches. Though in all of his fights he gets the better of him at first he also learns that how he can control his blood and use that as a weapon. He uses his abilities to survive in the aurora which made his survival difficult while he was trying to find the man in the red. The man who is responsible for the whole situation. This is one of the best and interesting Anime like the rising of the shield hero.

2.Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa  Machigatteiru Darou

Both the worlds are magical and adventurous, the only difference being of this anime that it is not being new to the fantasy world. The second similarity is that both the anime has that their start is on the ground level and needs to work hard and level up to become powerful.

Anime like rising of the shield hero

Next to our list of Anime like rising of the shield hero is Bell Cranel a young and simple boy who lives in the city of Orario, a place that is of no interest but seems to be dull. He lives in a world where Gods and humans coexist together and have a hard time getting along. Bell dreams of has now become the greatest adventurer ever took place in the city. But his dreams get a chance to come to a reality when he faces a new challenge in the form of Hestia, a lonely goddess. Hestia decides to support the young adventurer who is new as well as young in his quest. They both not only decides to undertake a dangerous adventure but also they want to explore the all the myth lying underneath the city. ‘Dungeon’ is the name given to this myth where dangerous creatures, creatures of darkness live and possess their living.

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3.Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest

Anime like rising of the shield hero

This Anime rising of the shield hero gets started and bought to a different fantasy and in a game-like world. They start with less or no power and other people encourage and fight with them. They survive and fight hard and eventually become quite powerful. This Anime rising of the shield hero is about to realize and you can watch it on the screen but for that, you will be needed to wait a few months before the show airs and get telecasted on the screens.

Hajime Nagumo, who is the main character of the anime is an Otaku who always comes to the class with a sleepy face after pulling all his nighters. His classmates also hate him for being close to Kaori, a girl who is the crush of millions whom everyone likes and is inspired from. One day his entire class finds themselves in a transport that takes them to a fantasy world with each of his classmates gaining and collecting some godlike power. Hajime gets the weakest power and again gets bully by his classmates and others. The anime revolves around Hajime as he desires to become powerful and survive in this magical world that is far from his home. This is one of the best Anime like rising of the shield hero.

Mahoutsukai no Yome

Chise Hatori is a teenage girl who has got nobody but the entire world left alone. Her parents left her all alone. when she was just a child and her lovely and kind and very polite behavior brought her to be one of the most lovable children by everyone. Chise lost hope in herself and her life after her parents left her but she stayed strong no matter what. She decides that she needs is a place to travel and get settled in a place where she can find her own home and to full fill her desire she is ready to sell herself as a slave to any buyer at any cost which is a tough decision. A mask-wearing strange and kind man buys Chise for five million pounds. Eventually, with time, she finds out that Elias Ainsworth is a most powerful wizard. This is one of the best and most-watched Anime like rising of the shield hero.

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Various magical creatures greet her like a princess there are several other fairies for her surprise visit and greet Chise on her arrival. She is not only greeted but also becomes the bride of the ancient magus. Both the character has a face of somewhat similar as they are brought to a different world and have to undertake some of the magical challenges for their survival in the magical world.

We hope that you might find it interesting as these were some of the series or anime which can be related to Anime like the rising of the shield hero.

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