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Spinning Out Season 2 (cancelled or not?) | Release Date, Plot, Cast, Trailer

Spinning Out is an amazing act which is ice skating teen Drama the person who create the name is Samantha Stratton and starring Kaya Scodalario and January Jones and many people in lead roles. Scodelario is going to play the role of Kat Baker who was a young ice skater,who, after doing this  unfortunately suffered a very serious injury.

So that when she is fine she have an option to give a new start up to her career as a pairs skater. So that  in their midst of everything, she was going to hide the fact that with her family who was plagued by a history of mental illness.

After the sudden end to the NETFLIX series SPINNING OUT. Every fan of the show is waiting for the Spinning Out Season 2  to see what exactly happened to the story and characters. Where there are lots of rumors about SPINNING OUT season 2.

The show is not possibly being aired because of certain reasons which will be answered in this article. Is Spinning Out Season 2 getting canceled or not? What are the possible chances of it coming back? Let’s talk about all we need to know about the show in this article. 

 The American drama series SPINNING OUT, created by Samantha Stratton was premiered on NETFLIX on January 1, 2020. Kaya Scodalario, January Jones, among many others in lead roles were seen on the SPINNING OUT series. SPINNING OUT is a story about a bunch of skaters, mainly about Kat Baker (Kay Scodolario) who is in the lead role.

SPINNING OUT is all about the life of these skaters and their ups and downs of life while managing their career in skating. SPINNING OUT with a decent story and characters was liked by its audiences, mainly by the sports and skate’s fans.

However, the show got canceled due to some unknown reasons, But the assumptions were made that the show got canceled because of the NETFLIX  first month of viewing data of any show to make the aforementioned comparison. Besides, people also have the assumption the show got canceled maybe because of the mixed reviews. 

Release date: Spinning Out Season 2

The first season of spinning out was premiered on January 1, 2020. However, the show did not last more than 10 episodes and has been canceled by NETFLIX or by the makers themselves, but to sum up the cause, the show might have to drop because of the economic constraints. 

Pop’s head Brad Schwarts explained the reasons in an interview with a deadline:

“With kiss and cry, which became spinning out, that was our favorite project, the best script I think we ever had, and a young, up-and-coming new voice who wrote it, autobiographical and a passion project-all the things that we love to get that….we couldn’t find the economic model for us and it’s heartbreaking and we had to let it go, and then Netflix jumped on it.” 

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The economic model did not seem feasible to Netflix as well as viewership numbers and that may be the cause for not airing Spinning Out Season 2.

Hence, they might have thought why invest more in some additional episodes when they are not getting the desired result. Besides the maker’s decision, the fans on the other hand are requesting Spinning Out Season 2.

Fans are positively waiting for a new season and have exploded the tweeter with Spinning Out Season 2 premiere requests. The first season has ended in a cliffhanger that gave a hint that the show might come back and would complete its untold story. As the makers are responding to the request of fans, let’s just hope for the new season until Netflix announces anything about it.

Plot: Spinning out Spinning Out Season 2

Spinning out is a show based on the life of an ice skater. The lead of the show is Kat Baker played by Kay Scodolario. Kat Baker is a young ice skater, who unfortunately had a disastrous head injury, because of which she had to leave her passion and had to left skating.

Eventually, when she heels circumstances around her lit her fire again for skating. Hence, she gets back to restart her career in skating as a pairs skater. Besides that, she had to hide her family history of mental illness and because of the same, she had to live with bipolar disorder.

Despite all her problems, the passion inside her for skating gets lit up when she meets Justine Davis, a talented bad-boy, who is also an ice-skater. With this new partner, she took her chance of returning to Ice skating.  They later took part in the Olympics duo ice skating competition.

This new opportunity also brings a kind of risk of exposing a fiercely kept secret that can unravel her entire life. Despite all this problem Kat and Justin Davis have to face multiple odds, injury to body and soul, financial sacrifices, and even mental breakdown while achieving their Olympic dream.


Cast: Spinning Out Season 2

The cast according to the assumptions is going to be the same as of the previous season besides that if the makers are willing to add some other characters with their new storyline that would also be known if makers announce something regarding that. However, the cast of the previous season of Spinning out are listed below:

  • Kay scodolario in the role of Kat Baker. 
  • Willow shield in the role of Serena Baker.
  • Evan Roderick in the role of Justin Davis.
  • David James Elliott in the role of James Davis.
  •  Sarah wright Olsen in the role of Mandy Davis.
  • Svetlana Efremova in the role of Dasha Fedorova.
  • Amanda Zhou in the role of Jenn Yu. 


Reviews of the Spinning out

After the release on Jan 1 Spinning out has received some mixed reviews from critics with a 63 percent approval from Rotten Tomato. Audiences on the other hand like it because of its niche. As a drama about a niche sport, sports or skating fans also get something to watch regarding their interest. The niche of sport with a pinch of the story has gained the attention of the audience.


The trailer of the Spinning Out Season 2 will positively is updated as soon as NETFLIX will share it. Besides, the demand for the show was high from 2019. The makers were thinking of releasing a Spinning Out Season 2 out from 2020 so maybe the makers will premiere the new season soon in 2021 hopefully.