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Killing Stalking Ending EXPLAINEED!!: Cast | Characters | tory CHECK OUT NOW!!!

Killing Stalking Ending

Killing Stalking Ending

Killing Stalking Ending is a very famous South Korean manhwa comic book series that involves drama, psychological horror, and horror fiction. This book is illustrated and written by Koogi who is the creator of the comic book. Following the success of the book in Korean, it was also published in English by Lezgin Comics. On 24 November 2016, this book was got published in English digitally, and on 16 January 2017 in Japanese. And by Edizioni, this book also got published in Italian. To know more about the Killing Stalking Ending read our article below.

Killing stalking is flawlessly directed by Yang Seungbae and created by Google. It is a Korean comic it was first published in Korean in English by Lezhin comics. The comic not only won 100,000,000Korean rupees but also won the grand prize at the world comic contest. The comic ran from 2016 to 2019 and was collected in four volumes as per the news the series will be getting adopted by 3DGC animation. As many of his fans have raised their concern about it as will be having its anime. The story is about Yoon Bum a young who has a mental illness and a past filled with physical and sexual abuse. When one of his friends Oh Sangwoo saves him from being raped and results in the Yoon getting obsessed with him. After knowing the reality of Oh Sangwoo they keep on maintaining a relationship with each other. Know the explanation of Killing Stalking Ending below:


The cast of Killing Stalking Ending involves some amazing voice-over artists as the characters are as follows Yoon Bum who is the main character of the series. Oh, Sangwoo is another main character and a lead. Yang Seungbae is the former police officer in the comic. Kim Seokho is one of the victims of Sangwoo and Yoon Bum’s incle is his parental uncle. Min Jieun classmate of Yoon and one of the minor characters. read below the full explanation of Killing Stalking Ending below:

REVIEW AND RATING: Killing Stalking Ending

Killing Stalking Ending

The overall rating of the series is quite good as it involves the genera of drama, horror, psychological horror. The maturity rating of the series is 18+ 90% of people have liked the series. As fans are very sad about having its anime and Killing Stalking Ending is explained. Every fan is waiting for a perfect Killing Stalking Ending that will take everything to the right place. It talks about acts of abuse that ensue between the couple. Read the Killing Stalking Ending explanation below:

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STORY PLOT: Killing Stalking Ending

Killing Stalking Ending

The story talks about a young boy who is suffering from a mental illness and a scary past who has suffered from sexual and physical abuse. His parents died when he was young as he shifted to his parental uncle. Oh, Sangwoo who is one of his friends from the military time saved him from the rape attempt.

When he joins the military a fellow officer tries to rape him and assault him sexually. This is the time when Sangwoo saves him and without having any knowledge about him he becomes obsessed with him. He started stalking him and goes jealous when he finds him walking with other women on the street. Yoon’s obsession with him goes out of control as he tries to break into his house. Over time, the truth behind Sangwoo came out as he is a serial killer and kidnapper who believes in torturing people. After breaking into his house Yoon finds a woman who is being tied up and kept in the basement who has a lot of bruised over her body.


Here I am going to tell about ‘Killing Stalking’ also follows Yoon Bum who is a young man and also suffers very tough things from several mental illnesses just because of his very distressing past. When Bum was going to joins the military, a fellow officer was going to tries to assault him sexually and this is when Oh Sang-woo rest him. So that without even know who he is, Bum is going to be enamored with this man who once saved his life. He was going to suddenly talk to him and also feels jealous when he saw him walking down to the street with this woman. Bum was very obsessive with Sangwoo who reaches a point where he going to try to break into his home.

When he tries to free Sangwoo finds him doing this and he held him captive too and later things come out that he is a be a serial killer. Despite knowing the truth about Sangwoo Yoon fall in love with him and want to maintain an abusive and manipulative relationship with him. As Sangwoo breaks his ankle and his love he still wants to maintain the relationship till the end. Soon with the time after the truth of Sangwoo fail to keep his feeling for Yoon and also he fails to maintain his feeling and his past. Bum also tries to burn his house hoping to stay and live a better life. Somehow Sangwoo is always a step ahead and is very clever to keep a manipulative relationship with Yoon. Later a cop finds who is Sangwoo and successfully arrests him but Sangwoo acts as he is the victim of the cop’s action as he is a psychopath too.

This results in him get out of the custody of the police but his crime keeps on reaching the eye of the public. The time comes when a cop has no other option left but to kill Sangwoo himself so he sets his house on fire which results in severe burns to Sangwoo and he gets admitted to the private hospital. During his stay in the private hospital, Yoon keeps his distance from his abusive and manipulative lover. He keeps going back to the hospital and realizing that he does the same mistake over and again.

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During this time Yoon realizes and starts collecting all the happy memories he makes with him and eventually ignores his abusive behavior. Yoon shows that no matter how hard times get he never gives up on him and will be there for him till the end. Yoon gathers all his courage and visits him for the last time he searches for him all over the hospital and later gets information from one of the staff members that he has died a couple of days ago. His body is being burned in one of the cementary as staff member hands him with the ashes of the Sangwoo. He regrets that he did not pay his lover the last visit later an old lady revealed that he had killed him because he kept on calling Yoon names. Yoon runs to his house to have a playback of all the happy memories they had created together and then breaking down cries hard and mourn about his lover’s death. As he goes on the street he finds Sangwoo with other women and keeps calling his name but he did not turn back. In the closing scene of the series, it has been revealed that Sangwoo is dead, and finding him everywhere is due to shock syndrome which was developed in Yoon due to the death of his lover. Here is the link to the trailer

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