Star vs the Forces of Evil Season 5 Release Date Finally Revelaed? | Cast | Plot | Storyline | LEAKED INFO!!!

Waiting for Star vs the Forces of Evil Season 5? Here is everything you would want to know about Star vs the Forces of Evil Season 5. 

From cast and characters and possible plotline to whether or not there will be a new season, read on to find out everything about Star vs the Forces of Evil Season 5.

Star vs. the Forces of Evil is a very popular American science fiction series that went on for five years straight. Created by Daron Nefcy and developed by Jordana Arkin and Dave Wasson, it had been aired on Disney Channel.  It is also renowned for being the first Disney XD series created by a woman and the third overall television series for Disney Television Animation.

It is an action and fantasy-based science fiction television series.

The first season had premiered on Disney, way back in 2015. The last episode of the series was aired in 2019. The show very successfully ran 4 seasons and received immense love and appreciation from fans worldwide. And ever since then, fans have been waiting for any news at all regarding the release of Star vs the Forces of Evil Season 5.

The protagonist of the story is Star Butterfly. This Mewni princess who is the future heir to their royal throne is sent to Earth by her parents to get rid of her recklessness and learn a lot before becoming the one to sit on the throne. In the early seasons, she lives with a Mexican-American family called Diaz and befriends Marco Diaz, and begins leading a semi-normal life in Echo Creek. She attends school and meets new friends. Throughout the first season, the two travel to exotic dimensions using the magical dimensional scissors while preventing the Newman monster Ludo (Alan Tudyk) from stealing Star’s magical wand. The story progresses as the two friends engage in new adventures, fight off new enemies and overcome obstacles together. In the later seasons though, we see her living in the Monster Temple as the butterfly castle crashes down and crumbles to pieces. 


Star vs the Forces of Evil Season 5: Possible plotline

Star vs the Forces of Evil Season 5

By the end of season 4 of Star vs. the Forces of Evil, both Star and Marco have come quite close to each other and have defeated many enemies and overcome different obstacles together. The two have finally realized their feelings for each other and it would be good to see what happens in Star vs the Forces of Evil Season 5. 

If Disney decides to make Star vs the Forces of Evil Season 5, we also get to see the star without her powers. This is because, in the last episode of the season finale, we had seen Star suggesting a way to defeat the Solarian soldiers. However, this would have its own side effects. The step to be taken includes destroying their magic powers completely. Because of this, everyone would be losing out on their powers. And by everyone, we mean Star as well! 

It will further complicate situations as it would also close the gates to all the dimensions, simultaneously, disabling Star to reach out to her friends and, more importantly, her love interest Marco Diaz.

So what would Star do? Seems like she is stuck with a very complicated decision to make.

We believe Star vs the Forces of Evil Season 5 would prove to be better than ever before, which is, even more, the reason why with every passing day fans keep getting more and more impatient.

The possible plot of Star vs. the Forces of Evil seems pretty interesting and intriguing and given how the show has never failed to amuse us in the past, we cannot wait to see what else the sequel has in store for us, and the different ways in which Star vs. the Forces of Evil could pleasantly surprise us.

But having said all of this, it needs to be kept in mind, even after one whole year has passed since the end of the fourth season, Disney or the creators of the show has not yet confirmed the possibilities or conveyed any signs of the return of the show. Thus as of now, the ideas of Star vs the Forces of Evil Season 5 seem to be in a little bit of darkness. 

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Main characters of Star vs the Forces of Evil Season 5:

Star vs the Forces of Evil Season 5

The main characters of course are going to remain unchanged. However, here is a gist of the three main characters:

  1. Star Butterfly: the future heir to the throne of Mewni. She is sent to Earth as a punishment for a mistake she had committed. She has a royal magic wand which she had been gifted on her 14th birthday and must protect her wand.
  2. Marco Ubaldo Diaz: a human who Star befriends after coming to Earth. They two bonds very well and together visit different dimensions, fight off new enemies and overcome various obstacles. He is also the love interest of Star Butterfly.
  3. Ludo Avarius: He is the enemy of Star. He is a significant avarian from Mewni with a round head and a beak and wears a cap made out of the upper part of a creature’s skull.

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Star vs the Forces of Evil Season 5: Release Date

Star vs the Forces of Evil Season 5

After providing us with four extremely successful seasons, Disney declared that there will be no Star vs the Forces of Evil Season 5. According to the creators, the series has come to its end.

But fans cannot just get enough of the series. There is enough room for another new season, and although Disney has already declared there will be no Star vs the Forces of Evil Season 5 or even a movie as a conclusion, it seems like millions of fans from all over the globe just will not take a no for an answer. There is even an online petition being signed right now, on the internet.

So as of now, let us hope for the best. If Disney does give in to their fan demands, we can well expect Star vs, the Forces of Evil by the end of this year or early 2022.


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