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Makani on Naked and Afraid: LEAKED!!!! where is she from? Check out FAST!!

Makani on Naked and Afraid

Naked and Afraid is a survival reality series that is on the Discovery channel. This series Naked and Afraid consist of several people who are taken to an isolated forest on the island for 40 days. This show Naked and Afraid tests the endurance and mental strength of the contestants in dangerous environmental conditions. In this show, contestants are left on the island for 40 days without any belongings except a shack, maps, and weapons of choice. So in this article, we are talking about Makani. Is Makani on the Naked and Afraid? To know read our article below you will get all the answers to your questions.

In the Ecuadorian jungle, taxidermist/homesteader Sarah Bartell and survivalist David Shirley are unexpectedly joined by a third survivalist – naturalist/yoga instructor Makani Nalu – whose different style and attitude might cause trouble. Naked and Afraid is an American reality series that airs on the discovery channel. Each episode chronicles the lives of two survivalists (1 man; 1 woman) who meet for the first time and are given the task of surviving in the wilderness, naked for 21 days. Each survivalist is allowed to bring one helpful item. An item is given by the show to them later. After they meet in the assigned locale, they must build a shelter, find food and water. The 5th episode of season 10, titled “threesome” provides a pot to the contestants. David brings a fire starter, Sarah brings a machete, and Makani on Naked and Afraid as a surprise guest brings a hammock. Nobody knew this episode would be different and it was very unexpected to see Makani on Naked and Afraid among them. Know below how Makani on Naked and Afraid completed her challenges?

Makani on Naked and Afraid

Makani on Naked and Afraid WHERE IS SE FROM?

Makani Nalu originally hails from Worcester city in central Massachusetts. She was born Natalie paul to Jamie and Catherine paul. Both her parents are highly educated and served as teachers there when she was a kid. Her parents always supported her and still stand by her side through all her decisions and adventures. When She left home at 17, she moved to Hawaii and changed her name to ‘Makani Nalu’, which captures the essence of her spirit. Her name ‘Makani’ means the ‘wind’, just like she really is: restless and moving; always on the brink of another adventurous endeavor. In the show, Makani speaks of becoming one with nature. Moreover, her habits of yoga, meditation, and veganism put her to the ultimate test as well as give her the strength she needs.

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Makani on Naked and Afraid
She had trouble in this Ecuadorian environment and didn’t take the situation seriously enough. What happened though is remarkable since she immediately noticed things that were going astray and helped her teammates. She figured out that the water from the waterfall is probably okay to drink, after of course giving in efforts to purify it. She was very observant and quiet as she sat and meditated. She expressed gratitude for the nature around her. She also noticed edible and water-filled plants and took them back to the others. Life in the jungle was not easy. The contestants were driven half-mad by bug-bites and a lack of quality sleep. Sometimes they were even pulled by medics to help them out, but Makani’s ability to relax and endure was evident; she did it all herself. The hammock she brought, ended up being a wise choice and she was not bothered by the insect bites either. After just 4 days, David quit the show, and Sarah and Makani on Naked and Afraid braced the dangers in the dense Ecuadorian jungle until the extraction day. The two survived the challenge and became the first woman duo-survivors on the show and Makani on Naked and Afraid came as a game changer!!

Makani on Naked and AfraidBefore the show, ‘Makani on Naked and Afraid’, Makani won the debut season of ‘stranded with a million dollars, in 2017. She has also penned down a memoir book titled ‘drop-out’. After she went through her experience, she shared how she was once a girl backpacking through towns, enamored by the glow of Los Angeles with the idea of impacting people and lives. Makani felt like she had two parts of herself: one who wanted to get wrapped up and lost in the foreign cities of the world, and another who wanted to stand on the world stage and sing her song. There was a light to the city that drew her like a moth to a flame. She battled these two sides of her for a long time which always seemed to conflict with each other. Being in reality shows gave her a rare opportunity where both sides of her quietly agreed; to live closer to the land than she ever had, while simultaneously sharing herself and what she stood for with the world. She left with the ultimate dose of gratitude.

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Makani is truly an inspiration and a great example of how one can use the power of meditation to regulate emotions and completely transform one’s experience of a difficult situation. We can all take a lesson from her with regards to when to expend energy and when to conserve it. By the end of the episode, I am delighted and surprised by the sense of possibility in what one’s potential truly is and hope we all realize the same within ourselves too. As she was transported in the jungle for 40 days without food and other survival things. She lived for 40 days and survived as she was the fifth contestant on the show. The show tested her mental as well as physical strength in extreme situations. Suffering from. Lots of pain she proved that she can survive in any condition. Though she comes from good family background and her both parents are highly educated and they serve as teachers in both of the institutes and schools. She comes from Worcester city in central Massachusetts.  She received her education in West and later she got graduated with a GED degree in her hand. She was a wild child with a free spirit and the most lovable child among her parents. Her parents supported her when she was 17 she moved out of her hometown and moved to Hawaii. As she moved to Hawaii she changed her name to Makani Naul from Natalie Paul. With all this life she somehow manages to visit her parents twice a week. She currently lives in Venice  California with one of her dogs named Kashi. She is a good yoga trainer and a well-qualified model. She is 25 years old and handles everything on her own. She is a perfect example of a simple and smart game-changer as Makani on Naked and Afraid!
Cheers to never backing down even when our lives go astray!

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