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Is Asta A Demon?: Asta’s Demon | Know everything about Asta’s demon and the other Black Clover Demons!!! DEMON LOVERS!!

In this article, we are talking about Asta. So is he really a demon? read this article to know everything about her.

So, first of all, we know that who is Asta. So Asta is an orphan boy who lives in a church and is taken care of by the churchmen after his mother left him outside the church. When Asta gets 15 years old when he gets a five-leaf clover grimoire, there’s a devil in it who has an anti-magic. Asata became temporarily a Royal Knight and a junior third-class Magic Knight. To know more about Asta read our article below and know. Is he really a demon? and many other things.

Without a single doubt, Black Clover belongs to the list of the most popular anime franchises, and fans have always kept asking, Is Asta A Demon? What is Asta’s Demon identity? How strong is Asta’s Demon identity?

Asta is the main protagonist of the series and possesses mysterious demonic powers. There’s a demon inside Asta’s Five Leaf Clover grimoire. As a matter of fact, there is even a quote in Black Clover that says, The three leaves of the clover represent faith, hope, and love. Within a fourth leaf dwells good luck. Within a fifth leaf… resides a demon. Check out below Is Asta A Demon?

So there is a big possibility that either Asta is half a demon or somehow he has acquired a demonic side to his character. Either way, Black Clover fans have been asking questions all over the internet, Is Asta a demon? And what is Asta’s demon side like?

In this article, we cover everything we know about Asta’s demon, and for those of you that are extremely confused as to, is Asta a demon or not, we will try our best to provide you with answers.


Is Asta A Demon? How did Asta get demonic powers?

It all starts when Asta and Yuno enter the Magic Knights entrance exam. Yuno gets a rare 4 leaf clover, while Asta receives a 5 leaf clover grimoire that had never been seen before. The grimoire is referred to as the Demon Grimoire throughout the show. As we discussed before, there is a Black Clover quote that itself says that the four cloves stand for faith, hope, luck, and good luck. While the fifth one is that of a demon. 

The Grimoire that had chosen Asta has the powers of an anti-magic devil. The name or identity of the devil is unknown to us, but any fan or daily follower of the Blck Clover can easily understand that Asta’s demon is far more superior and stronger than any other.

Who is Asta’s Demon and how did he get inside the Grimoire is still a question left unanswered, but the most possible answer to this question would be, Just like Yuno’s Wind Spirit, Asta’s Demon is just a Demonic Spirit. The demon holds in and absorbs all magic powers until he has the minimum amount required to take a physical form or get control over Asta’s body. 

Is Asta A Demon

There is also a second theory all over the internet regarding Asta’s demon, or about the question, is Asta a demon or not. 

According to this second theory, Asta’s demon might have been by him since the beginning.

Every Black Clover fan knows that Asta is a descendant of a demon, from the dimensions of demons. And Asta naturally had some magic powers inside of him, which the Demon used to cancel out. Let us explain this theory a little more, in details:

Mana is a form of life force used to produce magic. And it is pretty obvious that without any kind of life forces we cannot live, our bodies will just not operate, so basically, Asta can’t survive without any magical power unless he is just an artificially created being. And the creators of Black Clover have avoided creating any such confusion by clearly denying that Asta might be an artificially created being.  In the world of Black Clover, mana in the Normal World is positive while mana in the Other World (that is, the Demon World) is negative. And if two manas blend, they could negate each other resulting in an explosion and disappearance of both the manas. Thus this theory about Asta’s demon is very much possible and has great potential.

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There is also a third theory about Asta’s demon saying that maybe the demon in Asta was sealed inside of him by his parents at the time of their death and that Asta originally belongs to the Spade Kingdom. According to this theory, as the Spade Kingdom is in good relations with the Demons, Asta’s father had made a pact with the Demon World and got a demon sealed in Asta, before the attack on them. As a result, Asta and Asta’s demons cancel out and negate each other making Asta a kid with no magical powers at all.

So, yeah, to answer the question, Is Asta a demon or not, we do not think Asta himself is a demon. Nor is he an artificially created being. Asta is a human with a demon attached to him, either by birth or later.

Is Asta A Demon


Demons other Than Asta’s Demon

In total, so far there have been 4 demons, including Asta’s demon:


Zagreb is the first demon in the series. He was the main antagonist of the elf arc and the reason behind the Elf Massacre. Asta’s Demon called him senpai in the series and the moment Asta slashed his heart, he saw Asta’s demon.


2) Megicula

Megicula is a high-ranking devil from Black Clover. Megicula serves Vanessa.


3) Lucifero

The third devil is Lucifero. Lucifero is a high-ranking devil of the Black Clover series who serves Dante. The true strength of Lucifero is yet to reveal. But one part is pretty sure that this Black Clover is the real deal to be handled by our heroes.


4) Asta’s Demon

And of course, last but of course not least, there is Asta’s Demon.  Asta’s demon is the source of Anti-Magic (Anvil). And although we do not know who Asta’s demon is, we can be certain that Asta’s demon is far more superior and stronger than most other demons. He is also very confident about his strength.

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So yes, that was all to answer your question, Is Asta A Demon? And a little something about Asta’s demon and identity.

Is Asta A Demon

To sum up, everything, Is Asta A Demon? No. Asta is a human, and the biggest possibility in this scenario is that he is a normal human with a demon attached to him. And also, we do not know anything at all about the identity of Asta’s Demon that whether he Is Asta A Demon, but surely it is quite a powerful one given its level of confidence.


We would love to know your views or theories regarding Is Asta A Demon, so drop down your opinions in the comment box down below.


Is Asta A Demon?: Asta's Demon | Know everything about Asta's demon and the other Black Clover Demons!!! DEMON LOVERS!!
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