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Al Sharpton Net Worth | Personal Life | Career | AMAZING!!!

Al Sharpton Net Worth

Al Sharpton Jr who was born on 3 October 1954, 66 years old. He was born and bought up in New York he is 5 feet 1 inch long. His mother was Ada Richards. His father was Alfred Charles Sharpton. Al’s father left his mother in 1963. The family was left with no source of income as his mother Ada became a maid to support the family which was being left behind. The income was so small that they qualified for social welfare. His martial status says he is unmarried. He is popularly known for his activating civil rights especially for black Americans. He is also a baptist reverend who also does baptism and also into politics too. He also owns a radio show known as keeping it real. He also has appeared in many tv shows and new channels to talk and express his thoughts on politics, rights, and his Christian religion. In 2011 he started hosting a night show which talks about politics. The show is also known as Politics Nation which is being telecasted on MSNBC. Not only this he was also selected as a candidate for the presidential election in 2004 by his party. Know Al Sharpton Net Worth below: Is he the richest person in the world read out the full article to know about Al Sharpton Net Worth and his personal life.

So in this article, we are going to tell you the Networth of Al Sharpton. So, first of all, let us tell you that who is Al Sharpton. So Al Sharpton is a Politician, Actor, Minister, and Presenter. His Nationality is the United States Of America. The height of  Al Sharpton is 5 ft 10 in (1.78m).

His date of birth is 3 October 1954 and the place where he was born in Brownsville, New York City, New York, United States. And he completed his studies at Brooklyn College, Samuel J. Tilden High School. He is married and his wife’s name is Kathy Jordan. And they have two children, one is Ashley Sharpton and another one is Dominique Sharpton. In 2021 the Net Worth of Al Sharpton is 500 thousand$.

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He is famous for leading many acts against the injustices done to African Americans with some of the acts result in him into jail. Sharpton is also known for his straight talks. He also fights for racial discrimination and injustice to happen in America. Does a major question arise that what is Al Sharpton Net Worth? Sharpton has been unsuccessful for elected office on multiple occasions, including a United States Senate seat from New York in 1988, 1992, and 1994. He ran for Mayor of New York City. He tried to run for President but his campaign was broken by multiple financial issues. He had received funds from the federal government for his campaign but had exceeded limits on his expenditures. As a result, he agreed to repay the $100,000 he had received. The Federal Election Commission later imposed a fine of $285,000 against his team for breaking campaign finance rules. He established the non-profit organization, NAN, the organization has received the donation from Ford, Walmart, McDonald’s, and Home Depot. As the organization was also benefited from the friendship with ex-president Barack Obama. ANA received a $1 million donation. The organization gets almost $5 million a year, and he drew a salary of over $241,000. In the recent past, NAN’s revenue streams have gone up to $6.9 million. This eventually results in a pay raise of more than $412,000 and a bonus of $64,400. According to some news, the estimated Al Sharpton Net Worth is around 2 million. No matter how hard he has faced the financial problem but he has become the most reached out activist. He is a famous activist and Al Sharpton Net Worth is much valuable and is a huge amount.


Sharpton met his first wife Kathy Jordan, a backup singer, while he was touring with James Brown in 1971. They got married in 1980 and got divorced in 2004. According to news, He was stabbed in the chest while preparing to lead a protest in Brooklyn. Riccardi was his first supporter and a victim of Sharpton’s and was convicted of first-degree assault in who was later sentenced to 15 years in jail. He was released in 2001 on parole. Sharpton filed a suit against New York City stating that the many police that had been present at the time, who was there for the planned protest. The suit reached a $200,000 settlement. Sharpton was jailed for 90 days at the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, for trespassing while protesting against the U.S. military. Sharpton also made some controversial comments about the community using the word “homo” during an address. Al has two beautiful kids from his first wife according to his family member he is quite devoted to his family and kids. Speaking about his current home he lives in New York.

Al Sharpton Net Worth


Al Sharpton was the director for a group; “Operation Breadbasket” which focused on improving the livelihoods of African American youths by finding better jobs. The National Youth Movement was founded by the Sharpton movement was mainly to cater to the needs of those who lacked basic living commodities. He was involved in a series of demonstrations for violation of civil rights by law and also against injustices that were done to the African Americans. A case was found stating that a white man was shot and killed by four black men and Sharpton stood against them asking for an investigation to be conducted as according to him the murder was truly based on racism. The surprise came across when the case turned out to be self-defense against attempted robbery.

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Later another year, three black men were attacked by a band of white men in Beach. As the three men were escaping for their dear lives, unfortunately, one was struck by an oncoming vehicle which killed him. Sharpton organized a demo for these two men and a special prosecutor was assigned to the case. This was the case that brought Al Sharpton into the limelight. A year later, he led an angry revolt with the help of the Crown Heights after a Jew hit a boy with a car which eventually got out of control and, to make matters worse, a private ambulance was called by the police just to attend to the Jew while everyone was ignoring the struck boy and his cousin. He also led protests against the shootings of innocent people by the law. Al Sharpton Net Worth is amazing and he knows how to use his money very well. Networth like Al Sharpton Net Worth is still a dream of all people.

Al Sharpton Net Worth
Whatever he did was always in the welfare of the citizen of new york city and which let everyone give their right, that was permitted by law. According to him, everyone should get their rights no matter whether he or she is white American or Black American. He judged everyone equally in his eye as he spent 66 years of his life fighting for justice for everyone.

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