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Angels of Death Season 2: A TERRIFIC Game of Death | Release Date | Cast | Story READ MORE!!

Angels of Death Season 2 (Finally win! A terrific Game of Death is evaded through mind tricks)

Angels of Death Season 2

In Japanese, Angels of Death is also famous for the name Satsuriku no Tenshi. this is television series that is full of adventure and horror anime which depends on the game of the same name. This series is created by KRNKRN and launched by Den Fami Nico Game Magazine, this game was launched on August 14, 2015, by Freeware for Microsoft Windows users and Nintendo Switch. After a year It creates its way to stream in various languages in different places. This game is very famous in Japan and was modified into two different Manga series, which was sold over one million copies in print only. Eventually, very famous Japanese anime studio J.C.Staff declared their plans to modify the whole game into an amazing anime television series. Season 1 of Angels of Death touches millions of hearts of viewers that was launched on July 6, 2018. It was amazingly loved by all their fans of the game and the manga series also. On the other side, New viewers were also very happy with this series. After praising its first season so much and now waiting to catch the news of its second season. To provide the deep details of Angels of Death Season 2.

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Cast and Crew Members of Angels of Death Season 2

Angels of Death Season 2

We try our best to provide you very reliable information and we don’t have enough details about the cast and crew of Angels of Death Season 2 but we are assuming that the cast and crew will never change in any season. all the old casting may remain the same in this season also:

  • Haruka Chisuga acts s Rachael Gardner ( The main cast of the series, Rachel is a beautiful 13-year-old girl, she has moved to the hospital for help after she has seen a visual murder. 
  • Meg McClain acts as Rachael Gardner
  • Dallas Reid acts as Issac Foster
  • Derick Snow acts as Daniel Dickens
  • R. Bruce Elliot acts as Abhram Gray

Plotting of previous season of Angels of Death

Angels of Death is a horror television series with very interesting twists and turns.

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This show started with the main character Rachel, a 13- year old girl, she has taken to the hospital for her help after watching a murder. somehow, under undefined conditions, she woke up on the ground floor B7 without her memory, which means she lost her memory in that accident. she didn’t remember anything instead than her name and this is the main reason she was taken into the hospital for help. 

Rachel knows some details through the hidden broadcasts and scratched messages and come to know the fact that she is in the game and now she is the part of that game where each candidate have a floor and if anyone wants to invade into another floor, there may be enough chance to get died.

Where Rachel is in her teenage, at this age we don’t agree on anything instantly she tried to understand the whole issue and starts invading floor 6 where she almost died by a serial killer whose name was Zack. Somehow she managed to hold on to her life and make a plan to evade the game and she also makes a promise to that serial killer that if he joined her plan she helps him to go out of this game and through this Rachel make a force of people to evade this terrific game.

As Rachel and Zack implementing their plan and start moving towards the building, they met up with new people who were also stuck in this terrific game, and all of them were agreed to join the force of Rachel, as the show continued, they start their plan and both Rachel and Zack got succeeded to win every floor of the game and finally they win their freedom. After the game, Rachel made efforts to find out the puzzle behind her unfortunate connection with this horrifying game and the evil people of the building.

Releasing and launching Date of Angels of Death Season 2:

Angels of Death Season 2

The first season of Angels of Death was launched on July 6, 2018, and end on September 21, 2018, which contains a total of 12 episodes. After a month Original Net Animation (ONM) and its special episode were launched between October 5 and October 28, which make fans very delighted. Somehow season 1 will succeed to make its position, Angels of Death Season 2 is still pending there is no confirmation or official declaration.

For now, the release date of this anime ”Angels Of Death Season 2” is not clear. The producers who produce this anime have not confirmed its renewal date. As mentioned earlier, the production of the second season of Angels of Death can only begin if there is a sufficient amount of episodes. 0 manga. Fans of this anime may have to wait for two to three years more. It’s still early compared to most anime adaptations. Some most popular Japanese anime have taken as long as four to five years for the first return, We will inform you as soon as we get any new news about this anime.

We are also listening, There is no valid reason to think about that. These Anime shows occasionally took 5 years to make the new season of some series therefore there is a lot of time J.C.Staff has to declare the second season of this hit show If they want to continue the seasons. Additionally, there are some new seasons of one manga series and the light novel series are in pending to get published, surely there is not any end of sources if you want to make more and new seasons. After knowing the things, Fans can take a sigh of relief that there is a simple possibility of launching the Angels of Death Season 2 of this series. And if the Angels of Death Season 2 will come, we can make guess is that Angels of Death season 2 could release anytime with its official date in 2021. Our sources are open and we are trying hard to get the exact news for you guys. we will try to provide you the full information about this series if we heard anything trustable.


This is fantastic series and the maker of this series trying their best to provide it in different languages at different places. they make special efforts for those fans who would love to watch these anime series in the English language. we can consider it as a piece of good news for the fans of Angels of Death, the editor made the wonderful dub that was specifically made for the international viewers of the show. If you want to complete this movie in dubbed English then you can watch it on different platforms like; Funimation, Crunchyroll, Hulu, and ANIPLUS.

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