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Best headphone cases under $100: Keep your headphones SAFE AND SECURE!!! BUY NOW!!!

Best headphone cases under $100

Headphones have become the most essential thing in the life of people in this modern era. Having the best headphones is all that someone can wish for. But, what happens when you fail to but the best case for your earbuds. Earbuds are pretty expensive nowadays. To protect your expensive Earbuds you need to get the Best headphone cases under $100.  Not all earphones come with a case when you buy them.

Are you finding the Best headphone cases under $100? Headphones are used for many things like listening to music, calling, watching movies, and others. If you make a video then headphone is very useful to you, how is this useful to you? When you put on the headphone, your voice is recorded very clearly. Which makes your video very amazing. These days it is easy to find a very low-cost Headphone.

So that there is all of the best headphone and a lot of features that everyone loved with this headphone.

Some headphones come with a carry bag which is fancy but not protective. Headphones are used on many occasions like in the gym, during jogging daily. But when they are not around us, they need to be placed safely. For this, you will need the Best headphone cases under $100. But where to find the Best headphone cases under $100? Don’t worry this article will discuss the Best headphone cases under $100 available in the market.

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List of Best headphone cases under $100:

1. Geekria headphone case:Best headphone cases under $100: Keep your headphones SAFE AND SECURE!!! BUY NOW!!!

This Best headphone cases under $100 are best for many types of headphones like AKG and Sony products. This headphone is designed in a different way to have a sturdy outer surface. The sturdy or hard outer surface will protect your headphones from falling down and from scratches. Your headphones when present inside this headphone case is also protected from knocking them against something.

The outer surface is stiff but not hard as stone.  But they are tough like the cases you get with glasses. So, jamming it inside a bag should be avoided. The headphone case is finished with a fine leather material which is grey in color. It also has a zipper opener. It is lightweight and weighs only about 9.5 ounces. This is not a typical waterproof headphone case. The internal side of the case is soft. The stitching is also fine.

The internal dimensions are given as 8.46 by 7.48 by 2.36 inches. A mesh pocket present inside this will store accessories. The mesh pocket is large enough to hold chargers, cables, and earpads. This is really the best headphone case. It also provides a good look.

Check the dimensions of your phone before getting one of these headphone cases. The price is reasonable and it is quite valuable for the money you spend. This looks particularly good and the design is cool. So, it is one of the best headphone cases you will find in the market.Best headphone cases under $100: Keep your headphones SAFE AND SECURE!!! BUY NOW!!!


2. Mophie power capsule the best headphone case:

Best headphone cases under $100

If your headphones need complete protection 24/7 this is the headphone case you are going to buy. This is a very cute headphone case with outer dimensions 3.31 by 1.77 by 4.98 inches. It weighs only a little of 3.9. Ounces. It is compact and small and can be carried around easily in your pocket. This is best for protecting your headphones. Besides protection, they also charge your headphones.

The built-in charger provides a playback time of 60 hours.  Once it is done charging it will shut off automatically. An LED indicator present will keep you updated on the battery status. This LED indicator is present on the underside of the case. The battery of this headphone case can be charged simultaneously while the earbuds are being charged. The outer coat or shell is tough and the rubberized finish will give it a soft texture while touching.

They are slightly flexible and are best when they are dropped or something is dropped on them. They are not mentioned as waterproof but as they are made with rubber material they are resistant to water in a small range. They will withstand little drizzling and mist. The interior is soft and protects against scratch. There is enough space for the earbuds but no extra space is given for placing other accessories.

This case does not come with a zipper but the case lids close together. The collision of two lids will sometimes collapse the things present inside so that you need to rearrange them. They are quite compatible but, do check for the size of your mobile before buying it. The price is also very reasonable and this is definitely the Best headphone case under $100.Best headphone cases under $100: Keep your headphones SAFE AND SECURE!!! BUY NOW!!!

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3. Cosmos PU leather protection carrying box for LG electronics:

Best headphone cases under $100

This case was designed by cosmos for carrying some headphones from LG electronics. This will fit almost all the LG headphones but there are still many headphones from LG that do not fit inside this case. As it is specially designed for a single type of headphones from a company it is advisable to check the size of your headphones before buying this case. The oval shape is cool and the outer surface is hard as usual.

This case is made with a special type of leather called PU leather which is best and looks great. This comes with a zipper. The interior is soft to protect your headphones and there is a mesh pocket to hold many other things. This mesh can hold some external cables and other small accessories.

The case is about one inch thick when the case contains the headphone. Do not try to overfill this case. Overfilling will exert pressure on the zip and thus may lead to the breaking of it so it is always preferable not to fill the case. This case is water-resistant to some extent but not waterproof.

This is a quite comfortable case that looks great with a soft interior. It is one of the best headphone cases so it is worth looking for even if you are not an LG headphone user. There are many layers of padding available which provides maximum protection. The cost is also reasonable and effective. So this is the best Best headphone case for under $100 but the only drawback is that it applies only to LG headphones.Best headphone cases under $100: Keep your headphones SAFE AND SECURE!!! BUY NOW!!!

Finding the Best headphone cases under $100 is as important as finding the best headphone. While it is quite difficult to find the best headphone case for your headphone. There are plenty of options available in the market. You can choose the case that will fit your headphones.

Did you find this article on Best headphone cases under $100 useful? What are your favorite Best headphone cases under $100? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

Best headphone cases under $100: Keep your headphones SAFE AND SECURE!!! BUY NOW!!!
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