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America Kitchen Best Electric Skillet

If you’re someone who’s been cooking for a while, you know that there is no other kitchen cookware that performs all-around functions like a skillet. You can practically use a skillet for anything. You can use it to grill, to saute, to shallow fry, to deep fry as well as to cook a piece of meat to perfection. These are America’s Test Kitchen Best Electric Skillet.  

Some people have a modern look to maintain in their kitchen and to go with the modern-ish theme, an electric skillet would be perfect. America’s Test Kitchen Best Electric Skillet below:

Advantages of using an Electric Skillet (America’s Test Kitchen Best Electric Skillet) –

As someone who’s used an electric skillet for a while, I can vouch for its usefulness. It provides an even heating surface, unlike a normal skillet which takes time to distribute the stove’s heat evenly which happens because the heat from a stove is targeted to the center of the skillet when placed upon the flame and the heat from that flame heats the skillet throughout which understandably takes its time but when you’re using an electric skillet, that does not happen. Its electric charge directly heats the metal plating inside the electric skillet due to which the heating process is faster than in a normal skillet.

  • More Space –

Electric skillets come in a variety of sizes, and the smallest one can fit just as much food like a traditional skillet, if not more. Because of this, electric skillets are great to use if you’re planning on cooking for a large group of people. You can get an entire batch of food cooked at once instead of making batch after batch in your regular skillet.

The solitary disadvantage to getting a bigger electric skillet is you need to designate sufficient space for capacity. If your kitchen’s as of now somewhat confined, you may experience some difficulty discovering space to store your enormous electric skillet.

  • Temp Control –

When it comes to an electric skillet, you can say that you as a cook have more direct control over the temperature as it has temp dials to adjust the heat. If a recipe requires you to cook something at exactly 350, you can cook it at 350. You do not have to go through tedious guesswork to get the temperature right like you would have to while cooking the same thing on a stovetop skillet.

  • Multitasking –

Fact that you have better control over the heating that is being provided to your food, you do not have to constantly babysit your food while it’s cooking. You can easily prepare the next dish you have to or go out of the kitchen and run errands around the house all while still being mindful that you do not burn your food.

  • Multipurpose –

As I mentioned in the opening of this article, having an electric skillet is a many in one thing. You can use an electric skillet for many things. You can use it not only to fry and saute your food, but you can also use it to bake or deep fry. Well, you can even use it as a hotspot for your dining table. Owning an electric skillet is like owning multiple pots, pans, and multiple gadgets, all in one.

  • Heat Retention –

I know it’s annoying when you cook your food with all the heart and until it’s dinner time, all of it runs cold, very annoying. Now, when I said it works as a hotspot for your dining table, I meant exactly that. You would never have to worry about your food getting cold for hours when kept in an electric skillet as it has intense heat retention. That said, you also need to be very careful while using it and the one thing that you need to absolutely bear with is, keep your kids away from this burning monstrosity.

  • Non-Stick –

Like me, a lot of you guys might have the absolute best collection of non-stick cookware. But let’s face it, IT TAKES A LOT OF SPACE!

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These electric skillets, have a nonstick surface which means you do not have to worry about having 10-100s of nonstick utensils in your kitchen, and a plus point, it gets easier to clean the utensils when they’re made out of nonstick material.

I decided to check some of the best Electric Skillets mentioned by America’s Test Kitchen Best Electric Skillet.

  • Aroma Warehouses ASP-266R Indoor Grill

America's Test Kitchen Best Electric Skillet


This is a major electric skillet 6-quart, purchasers likewise approach the 3-quart and 4-quart sizes should you need something more modest. The 6-quart size gauges 9 pounds, it’s not remote and works at 1.2 kW and 10 Amps. The skillet is developed utilizing cast Aluminum and covered with a non-stick material; this model can be washed utilizing a dishwasher with no harm.

You can purchase this on Amazon. Click here to purchase.

  • Presto 06857 16-Inch Electric Foldaway Skillet

America's Test Kitchen Best Electric Skillet


The Presto06857 is 16 inches, a tremendous size, and has high dividers to give clients above and beyond cooking space to serve an enormous family. There are two warmth-protected handles on the two sides of the skillet; this implies you can convey the skillet when it’s hot without utilizing a stove glove. You can utilize the skillet to plan dishes including fries, prepared baked goods, stews, one-dish dinners, and meals. America’s Test Kitchen Best Electric Skillet

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The skillet is built using heavy cast aluminum coated with a non-stick coating to prevent food from sticking to the interior. You can make use of the handle featured on the tempered glass lid to check your cooking periodically. Presto 06857 16-Inch Electric Foldaway Skillet is dishwasher-safe if you dislike handwashing your kitchen tools. It has detachable parts, base, and handles, to allow easy cleaning and storage.

You can purchase this for USD 49.99 on Amazon. Click here to purchase these America’s Test Kitchen Best Electric Skillet.

  • NESCO ES-12 Extra Deep Electric Skillet – America’s Test Kitchen Best Electric Skillet

America's Test Kitchen Best Electric Skillet


This is a believed brand known for making top-quality kitchen embellishments; the ES-12 is no exemption for this. The cooking surface is 12 creeps in size just as smooth and non-stick. NESCO ES-12 Extra Deep Electric Skillet has two warmth safe handles for simple and safe vehicles around your kitchen when cooking. The skillet has a movable temperature dial to switch between favored temperature settings. You can rapidly cook eggs, frankfurters, pork slashes, steamed vegetables, sauces, and some other wanted dish. Nonetheless, the item can’t be utilized for profound searing. America’s Test Kitchen Best Electric Skillet.

It has two variants that we can purchase on Amazon; the 8-inch version for USD 26.33 and the 12 inches for USD 71.99. Click here to purchase these America’s Test Kitchen Best Electric Skillet.

These are the ones I think deserve to be on the list of America’s Test Kitchen Best Electric Skillet. Please let me know if I missed anyone in America’s Test Kitchen Best Electric Skillet in the comments. 🙂

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