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Contents Best kitchen gadgets 20151. Dash Greek yogurt maker :2. Hiku :3 . Anova precision cooker:4. Imperial spherification:6. Cinder:7. Tea cere:8. Auroma one: Best kitchen gadgets 2015 When it comes to kitchen gadgets all that …

Best kitchen gadgets 2015

When it comes to kitchen gadgets all that we first remember are pots and pans. Many traditional kitchen gadgets are inevitable for any kitchen. But as time passes and with the arrival of technology kitchen gadgets are now available in super cool designs and applications. Even if you love old things it is necessary to update your kitchen cupboards with new things.

Occasionally it can be difficult to shop for those foodies who already stock your kitchen with the greatest and very latest tools, utensils, and appliances. It is very good to give this gift to a foodie. You can give this cool kitchen gadget to a foodie on their birthday.

If someone who is very dear to you is a bonafide pro of kitchen or are they developing their skills then there are the best cooking tools for chefs in your life that means they can have a lot of fun in the kitchen and can bake comfortably. Check out this cool kitchen gadget. You can buy these cool kitchen gadgets by clicking on the buy button.

These new technological gadgets will make cooking very easy and amazing. The food produced as a result of working with these tech gadgets in your kitchen will taste better and look good. As the gadgets for the kitchen come in different varieties the demand for these products increase. With the demand comes the confusion of which product to buy. Don’t worry we are here to help you. This article will let you know about the Best kitchen gadgets 2015. so Below is the list of Best kitchen gadgets 2015:

1. Dash Greek yogurt maker :

Making Greek yogurt is kinda difficult but with this yogurt maker, you can make your Greek yogurt in a very simple way. The long and tedious process of making Greek yogurt will make you restless. It also needs much attention and care. But the tediously long process is made simple with these Best kitchen gadgets 2015. All you have to do is add all the ingredients to your yogurt maker and wait. The gadget will take care of the rest of the process. The whole process is finished in 2 hours.  In the meantime, you can work on other things and wait for your yogurt to be ready to eat. The price is around $39.99 which is quite reasonable for a dope device like this.

2. Hiku :Best kitchen gadgets 2015

Hiku is nothing but a refrigerator magnet. It is smart and can make a grocery list for the family. A grocery list can be made by scanning the bar code with this device or by speaking into the device. This list can be shared to a Mobile App from which the family can access the list and use it while grocery shopping and refill their kitchen cabinet. Hiku can be connected online to buy things online.


3 . Anova precision cooker:

This cooker is one of the Best kitchen gadgets 2015. It is very useful to cook side and main dishes and also easy to use.  This gadget will get attached to any pot,  but the pot must have an adjustable clamp. The only thing needed extra is a resealable bag in which you can place food. This precision cooker will connect with the Anova app either by Bluetooth or by Wi-Fi. Before beginning to cook don’t forget to set the temperature and time.  Even if you are naive and not a trained chef, this app can help you with many cooking recipes and videos from the best chefs all over the world. If a recipe is selected the time and temperature required for the particular food are set automatically.  This is the most useful kitchen gadget.

4. Imperial spherification:

The price is $169.99 which is a little expensive. This is a magical device that can convert any liquid substance into tiny balls. The process is very simple and just a touch is better for that. It is tagged as the first automatic caviar pearl former in the world, the gadget uses sodium alginate and calcium chloride to create the small food pearls. This specification process is made easy with this amazing tech gadget. The balls made with the gadgets will add flavor to your food. This is, without a doubt, the Best kitchen gadgets 2015.

This is a cool one among the Best kitchen gadgets 2015. This somber will work awesome and it’s really helpful during parties. This countertop machine makes craft cocktails at the push of a button. Six soma pods available will adjust the strength of the alcohol you need. The machine is controlled by an app on your phone, which also has a cocktail recipe based on the ingredients in your pods. You can throw a large party with a huge number of guests with this device. This cocktail maker will be worth the 429 bucks you spend on it.

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6. Cinder:

Best kitchen gadgets 2015

It is a girdle that ensures that the food is cooked at a particular temperature. When reaching a particular temperature this cinder will maintain the temperature for a long time but do not continue to cook the food. It will maintain the temperature till your food is ready to eat. This cinder can sear, caramelize and saute. They don’t come with a greasy splatter that will spray the oil all over you. It does not release smoke which is a common thing while making cheeseburgers. Its price is 249 USD.

7. Tea cere:

Best kitchen gadgets 2015

Who hates a strong cup of tea after an exhausting day. I love to refresh with a cuppa but, as we are tired we will look forward to someone to help you make a cup of tea. This is one of the Best kitchen gadgets 2015. This tea maker will brew and whisk. This device also makes Japanese matcha. Thus is automatic. Add the ingredients like milk, water, sugar, and tea powder. This gadget will boil, whisk and brew your tea making if ready to drink.

8. Auroma one:

Coffee is of many types. Coffee is a known stress buster. It will take away all the negativity and make you feel better. This highly advanced coffee machine will make you the best coffee. It has a temperature control panel and water to coffee ratio. It also comes with a sensor that will detect the amount of coffee in each cup brewed. A customized app is available in which you can add the pros and cons of the coffee-like bitterness, sugar, caffeine kick, etc. This will help to make the next cup of coffee according to your taste. This cost about $399. The price is also very reasonable for the best coffee maker like this.

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The kitchen must be upgraded according to the advent of new tech devices and gadgets. The advanced gadgets will make your work in the kitchen very easy and will save you time. So never hesitate to spend your money on new kitchen gadgets. The list of Best kitchen gadgets 2015 describes the most useful gadgets. Choose one or a few of the Best kitchen gadgets 2015 to make your kitchen cool.

Do you have any of these Best kitchen gadgets 2015? Which is your favorite Best kitchen gadgets 2015? Share in the comments.

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