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Best Hoodies for Winter

Wearing hoodies and sweatpants wasn’t exactly the norm when it came to dressing appropriately for events. It still isn’t, but who cares what someone thinks, right. Just like many people I wholeheartedly am jealous of Pete Davidson as he gets to work every day of his life wearing a comfortable hoodie.

During the winter season hoodies are the most comfortable and common outfit to wear. There is an item in men’s wardrobe without which he cannot live it should be such a soft comfortable hoodie. With the right hoodie, you are covered at home on a lazy day or go out in the cold.

When your hoodie you like the most is get lost or is worn out too bad it is terrible after a few years. And it is very likely a product everyone loves to wear hoodies during winter. Never go into a state of panic after mourning the loss of your most comfortable hoodie. We have the best hoodies for men it is very comfortable for men. You can buy these comfortable and good-looking hoodies.

For someone who is into wearing hoodies as a part of their daily life, I sure had close to no idea how a hoodie came to be. Now, if you’re a normal person or just not ME, you wouldn’t mind giving a second thought to it. But it’s me and I decided to look it up and well… it was interesting.


by Frank and Oak

According to design curator Paola Antonelli, the hoodie’s history stretches back over 3,000 years to the ancient Greeks and Romans. Yes, your fave sweatshirt’s ancestors were invented before democracy itself. Hoodies would once again have a moment with Medieval monks. Think: piousness… but make it fashion.

Following the turn of the century, for better or for worse, Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg defied corporate norms by making a hoodie, t-shirt and jeans his every day #OOTD. It was a fashion moment that turned into a movement. (Who wears a suit anymore?) Following in the (bare) footsteps of dot-com tycoons before him, he shifted workplaces and wardrobes towards simplicity, creativity and casualness.

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Well Anyway, winter is well on its way now and I cannot imagine anything better than to snuggle up in my favorite hoodie and read a book or preferably watch Schitt’s Creek and mildly crush over Dan Levy. It’s pretty obvious I have traction for hoodies (and Dan Levy apparently) and I felt the need to share my opinions on some of the Best Hoodies for Winter you can purchase for the upcoming winter season and if you’re as lucky as the aforementioned SNL cast member, you might just be able to sport it at your workplace.

List of the Best Hoodies for Winter:

  • Nike Men’s Tennis Fleece Heritage Hoodie

Best Hoodies for Winter

It actually does not matter if you know practically anything about tennis or not when it comes to buying tennis hoodies because let’s face it, these are some of the best hoodies. Also, it does not hurt to add some Wimbledon swag to your wardrobe! It is extremely comfortable and a 100% cotton blend and a loose fit that allows for a roomy fit. These are no longer available on the Nike website however, you can find them on Amazon. Click here to purchase. this is one of the Best Hoodies for Winter.

  • State Cashmere Hoodie


If you were wondering what’s the softest, most luxe fabric that could make any man feel like a king, the answer would cashmere. Thankfully, State Cashmere has one of the coziest hoodies made of cashmere at a fraction of the price you would expect for Best Hoodies for Winter.

  • Todd Snyder + Champion Heather Grey Camo Popover Hoodie

It’s the same Champion hoodie you’ve always loved, but with a cool camo print that looks great in your winter wardrobe with just about everything. It is a multi-material hoodie that is made 50% from polyester, 38% cotton, and 12% Rayon Tri-Blend French Terry. It is made of such nice material, I learned it can be machine washed as well. What could be the Best Hoodies for Winter than this?

  • Logo-Print Fleece-Back Cotton-Blend Jersey Hoodie


If you want to look like a chalkboard that’s been drawn upon by a child, you need to look no further than these. An example of this would be this Nike – Just do it Hoodie would be a perfect example of how beautiful this hoodie is. Nike’s hoodie is printed with the iconic ‘Swoosh’ and ‘Just Do Its emblems of the brand – each looks like the logo has been individually doodled. It’s made of fleece-back cotton-blend jersey and has a deep front pocket. It’s cut for a comfortable fit. Wear it for both sweatpants and jeans. It is also a multi blend cloth with 80% cotton, 20% polyester; hood lining: 100% cotton. You can purchase it here.

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  • Braindead Lover’s Embrace Hoodie

Best Hoodies for Winter
braindead hoodies

A staple of contemporary streetwear has rapidly become the Braindead Lover’s Embrace hoodie. The company is a “creative group of artists and designers from around the world,” and all of their pieces emphasize visuals and eye-catching designs. In 2020, you’d have a hard time driving around NY’s Lower East Side and not seeing anyone wearing this ubiquitous look right now. These are currently out of stock but hey, they might come in stock any day and you do not want to miss out on these. You can purchase it here.

  • Converse Shapes Triangle Hoodie

Best Hoodies for Winter

This converse hoodie is a modern take on the classic one-color pullover hoodie with its kangaroo pockets and classic stitch design with a Converse Logo on the back. You can purchase these for 65$ on the converse website or Amazon. Click here to purchase.

  • THE COMFY Original 

Best Hoodies for Winter
comfy original

One of my absolutely favorite Best Hoodies for Winter that I have seen around on the internet is the comfy original. If having a comically oversized hoodie is not enough of a reason to purchase it, the fact that it is one of the cheapest hoodies with excellent cloth material should convince you. It comes in at $35. It works not only as a hoodie but also works as a blanket when you lie down on your couch on a comfy Saturday night binging Schitt’s Creek and finishing a tub of Ben And Jerry’s. You can find them on Amazon. Click here to purchase.

  • H&M Orange Hoodie

Best Hoodies for Winter

Next to our list of the Best Hoodies for Winter is the infamous Pete Davidson Orange Hoodie! How can I miss this one? Remember when I said it was a privilege to get to wear hoodies to work every day, I meant Pete Davidson and his Orange Hoodie. Even seen wearing it by his ex-girlfriend, Ariana Grande, I feel like this minimalistic design is elegantly beautiful. It even made it on air on one of the episodes of SNL last year! Given that it is an H&M hoodie, it is cheaper than all the other Best Hoodies for Winter on this list.  You can purchase it on the H&M Website. Click here to buy.

There are a lot of Best Hoodies for Winter out there and a particular hoodie is rather subjective. What I mean to say is that I do not expect anyone to like every Best Hoodie for Winter I mentioned but come on you would absolutely love to have one of these when you decide to get cozy in your new Best Hoodies for Winter. Which Best Hoodies for Winter do you like the most? Comment below:

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