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60 Days In Fake or Real | UNBELIEVABLE NEWS!! Check Out!!

60 Days In Fake?

60 Days In Fake
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You might have never imagined that you will have to leave with a bunch of criminals. Though there is a show called “60 Days in” which is a documentary about leaving with prisoners. The show features the administration of jail. They ask help from the public to remove rival gangs, drugs, and corruption from their prisons. At the Etowah County Detention Center in Alabama Sheriff Jonathon W. Horton has assigned seven individuals to complete the task. The segment was from season 6. There were a lot of things that were revealed by these seven individuals. They have learned a lot about how things work there and the internal politics. Know more about that 60 Days In Fake or real below:

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However, at the end of every day, it seems like a scripted TV show but is 60 Days In Fake?. The drama and storyline of the show do not seem like a real-life incident. The genre itself does seem for milking the views out of the audience. But is that true that the show is scripted? or do participants get some involvement? Here we have everything we can tell you about 60 Days In Fake or real.

60 Days In Fake
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Is 60 Days In Fake

The show premiered in 2016and according to the makers the show is not scripted. The show had also gained a massive audience because of its unique premise. The executive producer (Greg Henry) of the show shared that the productions are used to be biased based on who is being interviewed. You get to see either from the viewpoint of the criminal or the correction officers. However, their thoughts are always conflicted.

The maker of the show has used the public. We really wanted to figure out a show where the voices you heard would be you and me. They would be ordinary citizens… so we would get to see it from a truly unbiased perspective.” 

Besides, putting regular people, who are abiding by the law, is not illegal. However, the contest was given a fake identity and was also signed forms as well. 

The producer of the show has stated regarding series intent and the rights of the prisoners “We had around 300 inmates who were willing to participate. We’re not coming out and deceiving anyone; we’re just telling them the doc is about first-timers and that’s the place we landed where everyone felt comfortable.” Later it has been revealed by Robert Holcomb, who was one of the participants of the show, that the show was heavily scripted to influence the audience.

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“The show was real, but the editing was fake. The inmates figured me out in two hours and they treated me like gold. They were the nicest group of people I had been around my entire life.” a statement given by a school student. In season 1 which took place at Clark County Jail, the participants were seen having troubles. Robert was seen as a bit suspicious in the eyes of other inmates as they look more in his story. He had put the towel in front of the camera to save himself for one month’s stint in solitary. However, Robert was considered the most controversial person on the show. After what happened, Robert was no longer a part of the inmates, as he had to solve nothing. The production on the other side was not sure how to remove him from the show without raising a lot of questions. Henry explained, “This is the part of the show where there are rules, there (are) regulations and they have to be followed, if anybody appears to be receiving favoritism, or if somebody has doubts, it raises questions. That speaks to the authenticity of this whole program.”

However, Robert has his takes on the matter he said, Henry explained, “This is the part of the show where there are rules, there (are) regulations, and they have to be followed, if anybody appears to be receiving favoritism, or if somebody has doubts, it raises questions. That speaks to the authenticity of this whole program.”


In season 5, A participant called Brooke was assigned to highlight the ingoing of the Arizona prison. She was not given a fake name, she was booked under her real name, despite being a fake inmate. Dan Barr, an attorney who specializes in public record law, had said something about the fiasco “Maybe they should go back to being police officers and get out of the entertainment business.”

Andy Howell, PinalCentral Assistant Managing Editor, stated that they would remove the mugshot from their website.

The show was about showcasing the life of prison. Whereas many say that the 60 Days In Fake tempo was quite annoying to watch. The audience claims the show 60 Days In Fake. Some people also have discussed Its misinterpreted nature and also have said that it was intended for some other agendas. Besides, it is just a reality show which is meant to create a kind of salty story to make it look more appealing. so these are just rumors of being 60 Days In Fake.

60 Days In Fake
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How much do the Inmates get paid for 60 Days In?

It has been reported that the series has been made on quite a good budget and inmates being regular people have also been paid for their immense guts. It has been known from a Reddit user who lately was working as a teammate at the TV show, claimed that the typical budget of the show is around $375,000 per episode. This budget includes production offices, production crew, post-production, and location. If we calculate then the payment for each participant for each episode will be $3000. Besides, the statistics are not given by the officials but still have been assumed as per available information.

This is all we have to say about 60 Days In Fake or real. If you like this article on 60 Days In Fake Stay tuned to us to get more information regarding the show. and if you want more articles like 60 Days In Fake then comment us below:


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