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Games like Trials in Tainted Space | Corruption of Champions | PLAY NOW!!! Where to download?

Games like trials in tainted space is a text-based erotic game, created by Fenoxo that involves full customization and freedom over your character in the specified game. The game starts with a guy impregnating a woman. When you started playing you will start as the main character who is actually the child inside the woman’s womb. Before the plot begins, players are free to choose their race, build, height, genitals, and sizes. The whole story of the game revolves around what you pick as your main character.

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Throughout the player’s journey in games, he will have interacted with many other characters in the field. He is free to connect with them in whatever way he likes to play. He can talk with them, develop a relationship with them.

Games like Trials in Tainted Space

Topmost Games Like Trials in Tainted Space:

The Fantastic thing about Trials in Tainted is the amount of it gives to the player customization and freedom to play. The way he connects with the character will affect future encounters with said character in different ways.

There are some sample Games like Trials in Tainted Space:

Well, here is the list of video games similar to Corruption of Champions which are our recommendations. You can play these games like Corruption of Champions on PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, iPhone, Android, Mac, or even online.

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  •  Corruption of Champions:

It’s better to start the game that is made by the very same developer of Game-like trials in Tainted space. Corruption of Champions is similar to the text-based hentai game with the same level of customization levels as Trials in Tainted Space.  On the other hand, losing against demons much will make the main character into a sex slave, which is pretty much the game’s way of saying “Game Over”. If they were careless they may try to rape them or leave them freely. This is the best game in one of the Games like Trials in Tainted Space.

  • Corruption of Champions 2:

In the corruption of Champions 2, the player has more options for customizing his character. He is free to take from a variety of races, how his character should look like, and what are his abilities does the character should contain. He is also able to fully customize the character’s genitals. Another addition to the Corruption of Champions 2 was the addition of a companion is that the main character along his journey. The combat is pretty much the same as Games like Trials in Tainted Space, Also the players have more options when it comes to interaction with other characters in the game.

  • Fall of Eden:

In the starting of the player gets more powered by a few imps and a demon that rapes the character. The story develops and follows the journey of the character in the game where he gets to connect with all kinds of characters. At the same, he will have many more options for how to chooses the said character to interact.

Games like Trials in Tainted Space

The main part of the story involves the player meeting a goddess named Aria, after being randomly teleported into this world, which helps the player to get out of this world. The player will have to complete a few questions before the goddess can give him aid. The game starts with the same settings games as the Corruption of Champions where the player gets to choose everything about his character that he likes.

  • Carnal Souls:

Carnal Souls is the same as the game Trials in Tainted Space, and Corruption of Champions. Even though, the game is totally made by completely different developers each developer has unique in their game. The game features the same text-based sexual-themed gameplay that revolves around the main character. The highlight of this game is the variety of options is how the character of the player can connect with their enemies. The player has several things to do he can pull off during combat.

Also, there are different combat modes that the player can select from each one of them has its own series of advantages and disadvantages. The choice is with the player’s hand.

  • Kingdom of Loathing:

Are you looking for a similar to Games like Trials in Tainted Space, not because of the sexually-themed gameplay, but due to the amount of customization and freedom the player has over the gameplay, then this should be your first choice to play as the characters. The player has complete control over the character, in a text-based system where he can get to interact with all kinds of characters. Combat elements are also present in the game, where players are also allowed to make fun of their enemies. All the games have a feature of combat so the player can choose their best.

Games like Trials in Tainted Space

 Each one of these games are Games like Trials in Tainted Space. We highly suggest you pick any one of these Games like Trials in Tainted Space and get started playing it!

  • Trials in Tainted Space:

‘Trials in Tainted Space’ or ‘TiTS’, as the game is more lovingly referred to by the community, is a sexual-themed text-based role-playing game developed and published by Fenoxo. If Fenoxo sounds familiar to you, then you probably know them from ‘Corruption of Champions’, both the games have a pretty similar gameplay style which is text-based and requires you to type your commands on screen.

After started exploring the World, the players will meet several alien creatures with whom they can have sex. The sexual encounters are pretty descriptive and will put you directly in the shoes of the captain allowing you to live the experience from a first-hand perspective. If you have played through ‘Corruption of Champions’, then you simply can play this one.

Games like Trials in Tainted Space

Also, you will develop an interest in various gaming genres. The above Games like Trials in Tainted Space are popular for entertaining the player’s gaming with real experience. So, now that you simply got some details regarding a number of the best gaming inventories, and install the one that you simply prefer the foremost or enjoy them in playing online and have a great entertainment of playing. So which game from the list of Games like Trials in Tainted Space you liked the most? Do you want more list like the Games like Trials in Tainted Space list do comment below:

. Anchorhead

Games like Trials in Tainted Space | Corruption of Champions | PLAY NOW!!! Where to download?

Another popular text Anchorhead is based on a role-playing game, Although regardless of the sexual topics. This is taking place in Anchorhead’s city. Where a  demon nuisance can happen if you don’t prevent events from happening. Some creeds are planing together to perform a ritual that will cause destruction to the world and know about their plans, put an end to it, and explore the city is your job. This game is completely text-based and sometimes you will need to read long blocks of text to understand the character’s environment. And this game also introduces basic puzzle mechanics. All in all this game is very good and you can try it now.



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