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Jodi Arias: Where is she Today?( A Story of an Obsessed and crazy girl!!) | SHOCKING NEWS!!

Jodi Arias ( A Story of an Obsessed and crazy girl behind the Jail)

Jodi Arias

Jodi Arias, from the name we can understand that here we are going to talk about the famous couple. Arias born and nurtured in Salinas, California. In the 1980s, Arias left her high school but got her GED. She met with Alexendar in Las Vegas, September 2006. Jodi Arias appeared as a dating couple and tried various religions.
The fantastic relation with Jodi Arias.

So here we are going to telling about a notorious woman Jodi Arias. Jodi Arias is probably a defamed woman in synchronous true crimes. After the murder of Travis Alexander since Jodi Arias is the subject of numerous depictions and media trials. In Salinas, California Jodi Areas was growing up. Jodi Arias dropped out of High school. But she got a GED and moved around a bit.

She dated many peoples at one time and try to do the practice for different religions. Jodi Arias was met with Alexander in Las Vegas in the year 2006. Jodi Areas immediately liked Travis Alexander and after that, she broke up with her boyfriend who is in a longtime relationship.

Alexander who was a photographer met up with Arias in 2006. both of them hits off the right way and started their love story. Arias was always trying to controlling her and very over-possessive in nature. She always tries to threaten other girls friend of Alexander. she always checked on her and these things ruin their relationship in a very bad way and at last after 5 months, Jodi Arias decide to quit their relationship with mutual consent.

Obsessed girl end it up on Murder

Jodi Arias

Jodi Arias took an affecting on Travis instantly, and also broke up with her boyfriend, with whom she used to live for a very long time. Both Travis and Arias were in a relationship for a long time. Jodi Arias hit it off too soon and had an intense affair. Alexanders friend’s also said, that Jodi Arias was controlling each other. they broke up after 5 months but, they tried to continue to live together, though she was getting jealous of other girls when Travis started to date them. She hit his car and tried to look into his social accounts to get more information about him. In a comment box of his friend, Travis also mentioned, not to feel surprised if he was found dead. As a consequence, The Jodi Arias get separated from each other. we all know from sources that Arias got arrested on 15, July. In May 2013 she was found culpable of first-degree murder. It would take two dates of punishment trials and at last, it was decided that this Jodi Arias is guilty and make sure that they will spend their life behind the jail without any parole.

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Uncertain stories to get parole only!

She took her to the Arizona prison and, Jodi started their work in Arizona State Prison Complex. They found that a leaked recording disclosed that somehow she was loved by everyone instead of feeling punishment behind jails. Present reporting is saying that she is a prisoner of Arizona as of January 2020. In between whole the things Jodi Arias transferred to Estrella Jail and the Maricopa Jail, they met up with Tracy and Donavan- they were the old inmates.
Reports are saying that Arias starting doing Sketching and illusion behind jails, which they started selling online. In April 2019, Arias filed a report that the press is covering biased reports of her and this is ruining her trial chances. She was seeking the ray of hope when Juan Martinez who was the prosecutor of her case charged with multiple charges. Her lawyers trying their best to turn the case. somehow In march 2020 court again give its decision that Arias will remain behind the jails and she will not get any parole.


In the year 2011 August 21 asked for permission to represent himself in front of everyone as she wants to prove herself right. I am judges also wants to conclude this case they permit him to represent herself and her advocate helps her to come out and grant the permission by the judges. But a twist comes in her life judges take her permission letter back as they found as proof the letter of Alexander, and in his letter, it was clearly returned that Arias is not a victim. So everything turns very fast. But this sharp and clever lady d I did not stop here. She makes another plan to prove herself right in front of judges. In 2013 she came with a new story of her self-defense with a witness of her self defense story which is very strong and sufficient enough to prove her right.


But judges had the idea of what that clever lady trying to do so they check every aspect every eyewitness and every proof of her story. And finally, in May 2013, the decision took by judges which were absolutely correct she was found guilty and punished. She was very clever and try to come out from it but any of the stories had not worked for her and she was punished for the first-degree murder of her boyfriend. In this case, when came out everyone got scared and want justice for her boyfriend. And it happened.

Her Life in Prisons

Jodi Arias

The Judge declared that Arias was guilty and this decision based upon enormous proof for her guilt and the judge also stated that Arias will not take any trial of her case. The enormous proof of Ariasguilt shows that she was guilty of her boyfriend and she has to spend her whole life behind the bars without any bail.
From all the resources it comes out that several inmates state that Arias was not liked by everyone. she has an accusation of misbehaving flattering behavior with guards and Jodi Arias keep flirting with them. It looks like Jodi Arias doesn’t want to come out of this life and she will spend her whole life behind the jail
In 2017 October Arias stated in a civil court that the main head of her legal team L.Kirk Nurmi, Broke her client’s special rights and revealed her Personal and special information for taking financial profits from her case.
, at last, she got what she deserved? she was punished for what she did with her boyfriend. and need to spent her full life behind the jails. Jodi Arias did the first-degree murder of her boyfriend. she is such a clever, cruel lady. judges set an example of justice in the society by punishing Jodi Arias.