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Ashley McArthur | Where is he Now? Sentenced to Lifetime Prison?? Shocking Revelations!! Check out!

The collection of the true crimes where the body has been discovered in some unusual area in “Buried in the Backyard”. The series tackles only the horrifying atrocities and collects the documents that efforts the investigators make to bring the victims to justice. The murder of Taylor Wright has also been discussed in one episode of the series.

So here we are talking about Ashley McArthur. Where is she now? So first of all let us know about Ashley McArthur who is she. So Ashley McArthur is worked as a crime scene technician and was reportedly the best friend of the murder victim.The 33-year-old former police officer and private investigator Taylor going through a divorce. Back of the head, she had been shot once. To know more about Ashley McArthur read our article below. Here is all the news about Ashley McArthur. Where is she now? is she in jail? read below:

About the Ashley McArthur:

Ashley McArthur has worked as a crime scene technician, and reportedly, was best friends with the victim of the murder. Taylor, 33 years old private investigator and former police officer of the series. First, it was just considered as that Taylor was missing. In fact in life with his girlfriend at the time, Casandra told that she had not seen her partner since September 2018.

They both were chatting till 11:20 am but Taylor stopped relying on them. Later, evening around 8 pm, Casandra received that he needs some more time to get back his life on his own track. The official noted: Ashley McArthur has texted her cousin asking if he would be on the farm that day(he was away at the funeral).

Ashley McArthur

In an interview with the police; Th, McArthurted that both the victim and she had gone to her family’s property to ride horses. But the mobile phone records pointed to the contrary. When the cops followed up on this lead, they have discovered Taylor’s body buried in another farm owned by Ashley McArthur’s family. She had a shot on her back head and was buried under the soil and with the concrete. McArthur bank records also painted the image correctly.

Ashley McArthur apparently even bought a boat for Brandon Beaty, a man she had an affair with. On September 9, 2017, the former crime scene technician was also seen buying potting soil and concrete from a Home Depot on the CCTV surveillance footage. Prosecutor Jenson pointed out that the change in McArthur’s behavior in two different police interviews.

“If you look at the first interview she was flirty, maybe a little playful with law enforcement. In second interview her demeanor was different. I think she knew was caught”.

McArthur had a motive, Ashley McArthur had an opportunity to murdered Taylor Wright, and then she tried to cover it by Potting soil and concrete. The motive is to murder him was Financial nature.

Where is Ashley McArthur is now:

A jury found Ashley McArthur, then 42, guilty of first-degree premeditated murder, as she gives a minimum sentence of life behind the bars. Interestingly, she said before this case she was also on trial for charges of racketeering and fraud. She was very guilty that she thinks she was cheating on his family and business. And she was prisoned for 7 years with 3 more periods of trial.

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After a few weeks-long-trail that has stated on Monday, the jury entered deliberations around 11 am and Friday returned the guilty verdict shortly after 2 pm. Wright has been going through divorce proceedings before her death, and before her disappearance. she withdrew $100,000 from her and her husband’s bank account to keep the funds away from his wife. Wright has trusted his friend to keep the money safe and he gave $32,000 to Ashley McArthur.

He also argues that the type of bullet that killed Wright should not be the exact copy of any of the firearms entered into the evidence by the prosecution. McArthur attended that the same day indicates that she had wright’s mobile phone with her. Ashley McArthur later, tells that the authorities she never saw wright again so long after September 8.

Ashley McArthur says that Taylor still seemed to be stressed at the end of their meeting and that she has got into an uber to go get a drink. Also, she revealed new information weeks earlier; Taylor has taken $ 34,000 out in a joint account this she shared with his ex-husband and he had given it to Ashley to keep safe during the divorce period.

Ashley McArthur

The authorities¬† reached out to Taylor’s Ex-husband they try to get the bottom of what was going on.” Taylor was 110 percent absolutely bothered by the fact that she didn’t have custody of her son,” Waller recalled,” She was fighting that”. Before Taylor vanished he visited Ashley’s house so the authorities have next moved to Ashley’s house to investigate.

There they found Taylor’s ID, passport, money, and so on and shockingly a revolver in his house with a missing bullet. During an interview with the investigators, Waller said that she purchased the revolver after Jeff told her that Taylor has gotten violent with him in the past. Within them they discovered, that Ashley’s story about Taylor had been on the day she vanished did not match up with the phone call record placed.

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Ashley and Taylor have been together on that day after that she was missing. They initially turned up empty-handed, and the investigator started to force them to release Ashley. Although, who are continued to search the farm is the biggest question however soon across the disturbing discovery, a human skull with a bullet hole.

Ashley McArthur stood her trails for Taylor’s murder 2 years late, and the prosecutors laid out by the series to be packed. She used Taylor’s phone to send messages to know people that Taylor was still alive in. As a former crime scene technician, Ashley knew that exactly how to cover her tracks. McArthur told to the investigator that Wright seems to have her life together, so she did not think anyone harmed her, she was just doing what she does.

After the four-trials, a Jury found that Ashley McArthur was guilty and a judge sentenced her to life in prison with the mandatory 25 years served. Still, the pain caused by the series of Ashley’s actions was immeasurable.

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