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Locked Up Season 6: Released Date out? Coming this month? | Plot | Trailer | Cast | CONFIRMED!!

Locked Up Season 6: ( A Hustle Bustle Life Story Of Imprisoners and their inmates in Jail)

Locked Up Season 6

One of the most spoken languages in the whole world is Spanish. Most of the people in the world watch Spanish series and movies because they want to adapt easily to pronunciation and accent. The Spanish series always have to deliver the best content that is focused on mostly various arcs such as murders, romance, and thriller drama. The series has a line of Spain-oriented that always depicts Spanish behavior and their culture. A few years back, one such series came out and impressed us all with his performance and direction, And the series we are talking about is Locked Up.

Locked Up is a Spanish thriller drama developed by Globomedia. This famous series is also known as Vis A Vis because of its 5th season, launched as Vis A Vis: El oasis in 2020. the first series of Locked up was premiered on 20th April 2015 on Atena 3. After its premiering, In 2018 the network has been changed to Fox Spain. This whole series contains a total of 5 seasons with 40 episodes. This show is very popular among its fans and because of its popularity, Netflix took an action and purchase its right, Now Netflix is all set to launch Locked Up Season 6 with hustle and bustle.
This series starts with a story of a young man who has sent to jail and, then the story continued with other law enforcement systems. because of losing its popularity Antena 3 canceled the show for a further season, due to some hopes fox Spain purchase the rights of the show and, they announced its further series which were premiered on 23 April 2018 and 3 December 2018. Netflix also purchased its streaming rights and become the most hits popular show. Know more about Locked Up Season 6 below:

Releasing Date of Locked Up Season 6 and its Plotting of Story


Locked Up Season 6

The last season of Locked up was launched in 2020. This show is quite famous worldwide. Despite its changes in Network, they give 5 back to back hits seasons. Fans are also expecting Locked Up Season 6 in 2021 or 2022, but we are just expecting Locked Up Season 6. there is not any official announcement related to its releasing. It can be a delay because of the Covid-19 pandemic but we are seeking the possibility of its release. Check out the release of Locked Up Season 6:

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The story starts with a Young woman ( Macarena Ferreiro) who falls in love with none other one but with her boss and because she wants to be with him, commits a lot of crime and manipulation. she is impeached with four tax crimes and as a conclusion, she had to go to jail to bear her punishment. She went to Cruz del Sur jail and had to face several unbearable emotional as well as physical shocking moments. her inmates misbehaved with her and it ruins their relation. Zulema was a prisoner there who was the most dangerous. In the jail, Macarena realized soon that there was a very low chance to survive properly in the 7-year punishment. she understood that she has to ignore all these things and became a very different person. As her bail money amount is too large to be paid by her family, they were trying and found hidden money from somewhere and got in a dispute with Zulema’s boyfriend.
We can give this statement that this whole series shows the daily life of prisoners.

Cast Crew and storyline of seasons

Locked Up Season 6

  • Maggie Civantos acts as Macarena Ferreiro.
  • Najwa Nimri acts as Zulema Zahir.
  • Berta Vazquez acts as Rizon. 
  • Inma Cuevas acts as Ana Belen.
  • Alba Folres acts as Saray Vargas De Jesus.
  • Marta Aledo acts as Teresa ” Tere” Gonzalez Largo.
  • Belen Cuesta acts as Yolonda Montero.
  • Maris Isabel Diaz acts as Sole.
  • Laura Baena acts as Antonia Trujilo Diez.

Season 1 launched in 2015 

Season One starts with a story of a young woman ( Macarena Ferreiro ). She got the punishment of 7 years because of her boss, she was doing all the work according to her boss and at last, she was alleged of many criminal, manipulations, and tax crimes. In jail, her life filled with many ups and downs and she fought with the most dangerous prisoner Zulema Zahir, her friend Saray and Rizos. after some time she became habitual of the prison environment, she started taking a firm decision and bear all the consequences not only her but also her family involved in this mess.

 Season 2 launched in 2016 

In this season story continued and starts with Zulema. Saray and Macarena. they all ran out of jail and their punishment. After their escape, their inmates had to face very strict rules and regulations by Sandoval Bribery and Miranda, with their whole power and using the whole authority they use uttermost punishment and discipline with their inmates. Some official authorities are opposed but some are using physical power to abuse and rape them. on the other side, there will be a love triangle of Macarena, Rizos, and Saray with Fabio.

Season 3 launched in 2018 

This whole season revolves around the life of Saray, Rizos, Sole, Tere, Anabel, Antonia, and Zulema. They all acquired a new environment of Cruz Del Norte. They all inmates were transferred to the new place due to insufficient place in Cruz del Sur, they all were forced to deal politely with each other and forget their all contradictions. In Cruz del Norte they found more new Chinese inmates, who immediately understand that who is the main prisoner, Macarena as their first target.

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Season 4 launched in 2018-19

Season four is covering all the consequences of Zulema, Saray, and Altagracia’s escape. Altagracia who always victimized her inmates in the prison is now their partner. Zulema and Saray were the besties in all parts but in this part they both were enemies. Cruz del Norte got its new director, who was Dr. Sandoval. he was the more dangerous and strict to the inmates ever. in this season we also see the Saray as a mother of a child who would do anything her child and Zulema would also be a mother that would reveal later. For the present Sole was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and in the last Macarena woke up from her Coma stage.

Locked Up the Season 6 trailer released or not? If yes what it says!

Locked Up Season 6

Locked Up Season 6 will be launched on Netflix and will be available to all Netflix users. It’s all last season is available right now if you want you can watch them there.
There is not any official trailer of Locked Up Season 6 launched yet. fans are eagerly waiting to see what will come up in the next series. Is it filled with more twists and turns or not? it is very exciting to see the upcoming series and we are trying to provide you further news related to Locked Up Season 6. until you can enjoy its previous series.