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Ath-s700bt Review | Specifications | CHECK OUT!! Select the best!!!

Ath-s700bt Review

As I was looking for a decent pair of headphones under 100$, I read many articles related to Ath-s700bt Review and watched a couple of videos before I could decide which headphones to spend my precious money on. During my search, I came across an interesting pair of headphones which I thought were not exactly the best headphones but were something of a bargain. The Audio Technica ATH-S700Bt.  there are many Ath-s700bt Reviews given.

Ath-s700bt is very popular for its bright, full-bodied audio sound. The headphones are normally used for calling, listening to music, watching movies, and many other things. With the last paired device Ath-s700bt is re-connect automatically due to its pre-installed memory.

With its microphones, you can answer the call quickly and during a call, it avoids the noise which is come from the outside. With entirely plastic Ath-s700bt is designed. Ath-s700bt is very lightweight and this is not very costly. Compared to other headphones this headphone is very convenient to wear and on your head, it holds like glue.

Given the reputation that Audio Technica has for being a studio-grade headphone used for recording songs by various production houses and high-grade music composition, I was quite attracted to the fact that Audio Technica has budget headphones costing under 100$. It just intrigued me as to what kind of headphones would Audio Technica have to manufacture to have them be sold at under $100. So I decided to try them out. Read the Ath-s700bt Review below:

Ath-s700bt Review
Audio Technica ATH S700BT

I was not surprised when I opened the box and found the build of the headphones to be cheap, I was expecting it, actually. The build quality of the Audio Technica headphones is cheap as it feels like plastic. SO the first in Ath-s700bt Review as an advantage when you consider that because of the build being plastic, the headphones hardly weigh anything. They feel like air on your head. They fit extremely comfortably. You might think you cannot use these headphones while working out or while you think it to be a beautiful day and decide to go around for a jog, you’re not entirely right. Unexpectedly, these headphones have an excellent ability to stick to your head in event of an external force being applied like running because of the click sound adjustable strap on the headband.

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The packaging of the Audio Technica ATH-S700BT is pretty extensive and overdone with extra layer cardboard covering that cover the actual headphones, carrying pouch, a USB cable for charging, an audio cable, and an instruction booklet. The setup part is pretty easy. You charge them up for a couple of hours and then connect them to your device by selecting the Bluetooth Audio Technica Headphones. Despite being of Japanese origin, the instruction on the packaging and the instruction manual was in English and pretty concise. What is a review without its pros and cons? Check out the pros and cons of Ath-s700bt Review below:

Frequency according to Ath-s700bt Review:

The S700BT has a frequency range of 20-24000 hertz and a transmission band of 20-20000 hertz.  There’s also a nominal impedance of 34 ohms. They come built-in with a lithium polymer rechargeable battery that takes 3 hours to charge fully. In one continuous session, the S700BT can run up to six hours. They can also last up to 200 hours on standby without any hesitation which if you ask me, is pretty impressive in itself. Charging USB A cable can be used to charge them. The setting up process seems quite tedious at first, at least to me because you see, I was very excited to use these but I had to wait to charge them although, after that, it was pretty much smooth sailing with effortless connectivity.

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To its credit, these headphones deliver! They managed to live up to the hype I built for myself through my extensive research. I was not at the least bothered by the plastic design. The noise cancelation is pretty well adjusted as the ear cups cover your ears in a very comforting and efficient manner. As for sound leakage, you do not have to worry about being judged on the subway or among your friends for listening to Taylor Swift and you can fully embrace that side of you because, after some tests, I can confirm the sound leakage on these headphones are not significant enough to worry about it.  The bass on these headphones is exactly the right amount of base as it was suitable for any sort of song I listened to. Acoustic, EDM, POP, Hip Hop, it’s safe to say the Audio Technica ATH S700BT can handle all of it like a pro. Even for talking to someone while on a call, the noise cancelation feature came in handy and the microphone gave out crisp recordings. From what I’ve heard and read in Ath-s700bt Review, these headphones are only a shadow of what Audio Technica has to actually offer, but I will say, I’m not thoroughly disappointed with them. There are some comfort issues I faced when I tried to use them for a long amount of time as over-ear headphones tend to put a slight strain over my neck.

These are some of the official specifications of Ath-s700bt Review

  • It has an impressive Impedance of 34 ohms
  • It has a sensitivity of 100db.
  • It weighs 6.88 oz which is comparatively lighter than a lot of the headphones as the size of the Audio Technica ATH S700BT

After I have used them used for a couple of days, it is safe to say that I have managed to take a liking to them as these are actually a decent pair of headphones under $100 which comes with a proper warranty and honestly that deals with the fact that it has a cheap Japanese Plastic build quality.  If you have a practical use for these headphones which does not include anything to do with sound professionally, you’re set with these headphones. It delivers superb bass and incredible treble which you might not be able to complain about if you’re just a regular headphones use who uses headphones primarily for listening to music, you wouldn’t mind the blunt sound detailing in the Audio Technica ATH S700BT. However, allow me to suggest going for high-end Audio Technica headphones for studio work as these might not cut it then. The painful absence of sound details will be dreadfully obvious when doing studio work. But I will say this again, for someone like me, who uses headphones like personal speakers, the Audio Technica ATH S700BT is one of the best ones around.

What do you think about the Ath-s700bt Review? Let us know in the comments! You can purchase these headphones on Amazon. For more reviews like Ath-s700bt Review stay connected to us!!