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Black Summer Season 2: Netflix Back With Another Series. Release Date, Spoilers, Cast And More.

I hope all my wonderful leaders have found this article in good health. I bet you all have been very bored and are looking for any and every source of entertainment. Let’s see what we have today- Black Summer Season 2! This year all of us will find it pretty intriguing. Why you must ask? Because of the pandemic!

Black Summer Season 2: A Brief Introduction

Black Summer is an American TV series which is produced by Karl Schaefer and John Hyams for streaming. This grew and kept growing till the fan following was huge. I bet this is one of the reasons why they had to come up with another range of episodes, that is, a second installment of the series. So we are here to find about Black Summer Season 2 release date.

On April 11, 2019, the first season, made up of 8 episodes, was released on Netflix. The series is created by the same team that is behind the sci-fi zombie series Z Nation and is written and directed mainly by Hyams. There are also some additional episodes. Abram Cox is now writing as well as editing those extra ones. They both revolve around the zombie universe, but they are very different from each other and are set on a very different timeline, obviously.

Character From Black Summer
Black Summer: One Of The Main Characters


The First Season: A Small Recap, Black Summer Season 2 similar?

The first season is made up of eight episodes, to be precise. It premiered on Netflix on April 11, 2019. For a second season, the show has been renewed and is scheduled to return in 2020. Can you guess when that date might be? so Black Summer Season 2 returning again.

In the first season, the lead Rose (Jaime King) is separated from her daughter, Anna, six weeks after the zombie apocalypse starts, and she embarks on a terrifying journey to find her. In the most lethal summer of the zombie apocalypse, Thrust, alongside a small group of refugees in North America, must brave a hostile new world and make brutal decisions.

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Release Date And Delays of Black Summer Season 2

The show Black Summer is facing a major production delay, and they stopped working for Black Summer Season 2 for a while. Filming is not over yet. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, several films and series often face the similar uncertainty-the course of action for various items that are bound to change because of this purpose. It was announced in July 2020 that production will start in August. But then again they pushed it pushed back to September 3, 2020. 

Everyone has to consider the safety of the characters and crew first. There are no public statements as of now about a release date for Black Summer Season 2. Due to a lack of certainty in recent times, manufacturers are also held shut about a tentative date.

Black Summer Scene
A Scene Cut From The First Season Of Black Summer


Ideas For Season 2

A large number of individuals believe in the idea of the Zombie apocalypse. There is a basis for the theory, and shows such as Black Summer are becoming famous by the day, and that is why it is coming for ‘Black Summer Season 2’. It also helps audiences deeply believe in something. As the previous season concluded on a happy note, it is very difficult to predict the plot of season two. Rose is reunited with her daughter at the end of the first season. Spears and Sun, apart from Rose, managed to survive the journey.

The new season’s story has not been announced yet. Fans are also hoping that the show will link up with the events described in the Z Nation series. With action, lethal zombies, intriguing plots, and diverse characters, the writers need to make the upcoming season exciting. I think we all will find this very exciting because right now we all are going through a similar situation, if not the same. This pandemic would have been fun if all of us became zombies, isn’t it?

In the whole story, the writers disputed the tsunami from the introduction season. But it never took place. Therefore, in Black Summer Season 2, viewers predict a tidal wave of zombies. The leads, however, have to build their game of killing, or else it will be their lifeless meat. The coming season may also discuss subjects that made summer the toughest time in the lives of people. In much more depth, they will discuss problems such as mass starvation, depression, phobia, stress, etc.

The First Season’s Cast: List Of Names

  • Jaime King as Rose, a mother separated from her daughter during the zombie apocalypse’s earliest and most dangerous days.
  • Justin Chu Cary as Julius James, a criminal who took the “Spears” identity, the name of the soldier he murdered.
  • Christine Lee as the North Korean lady, Ooh “Sun” Kyungsun, who is searching for her missing mother.
  • William Velez( he is a pole lineman and has a sister along with kids in Texas), is Sal Velez Jr. A young survivor with no kin
  • Kelsey Flower as Lance
  • Erika Hau as Carmen( she is the girlfriend of Manny)
Black Summer s2
Cast Members Returning For The Second Season


Who’s returning in the Black Summer Season 2?

  • Jaime King will be back as Rose, as well as reprising her role as executive producer.
  • Justin Chu Cary as Spears, and
  • Christine Lee as Kyungsun
  • John Hyams as sole showrunner – he actually made the entire show with Karl Schaefer (however, for the second season, John Hyams is working alone)

For now, these are the only cast members that we know are confirmed. But we can always have surprises. How many of you just can’t wait to have a look at the various characters (old as well as new)?

Jamie King announced in an interview that the show has some exciting and fresh content in store for his fans. Rosie continues her journey in quest of her loved one.

The fans are eagerly waiting for the second season of the show. What more do you think life has in store for Rosie? Let us know all your guesses in the comment section! Keep following our page for more exciting details and updates on series, games, movies, tech, and more.

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