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Lori Loughlin, Mossimo Giannulli Hoping to Serve Sentences at Different Times. Why do you think so? Read for more information.

Lori Loughlin has finally pleaded guilty but wants to be sentenced at a different time

A lot of bad things are going on around the world and getting admission to colleges without proper qualifications and requirements is one of those. Parents from all over the world to this every year to get their kids into nice colleges.

Usually, the white and privileged people are accomplished in this field and soon established their students in such colleges even though they are not good enough for them. And after that whenever their parents are found guilty only the blacks are given your ears of prison sentences and The White are left with just a fine.

Lori Pleads Guilty


The Scandal And The Plea

Lori Loughlin is one of those who has found guilty of getting her to come into the college of the University Of California. Along with her husband paid around $500,000 to a singer name rick to get her kids into that university.

The kids were not even participants saw excelling in the field of sports in order to get their admission. Soon after all of this scandal was discovered and now to the world both the parents thought it was necessary to come out and request their pleas.

Both Lori and her husband pleaded guilty on a zoom call online and therefore they are to be sentenced for 5 and 2 months both husband and wife. I think this is unfair because they are white and they are getting away with only months whereas the black people are going to life prison and even 10 years. Talk about White privilege.

What’s The Sentence Details

The Guilty Couple


Lori and her husband are ready to go to jail and to be sentenced for months and have some requests to keep in front of the court. Though both the kids are adults it is expected that a parent will be staying with them and not both of them will be going to jail at once.

Lori wants to make it clear that the children need some emotional support and without them, they would be totally alone. Nothing has been approved from the court and their sentences are to begin from August.