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Why do you need Infinity, What is Infinity insurance? Top 5 benefits you need to know before going for this insurance.

Infinity is an insurer whose plans are focused on Hispanic customers. The company is procured by Kemper, the 13th largest car insurance company in July 2018. It is a nonstandard insurer. According to the information present on the site of Infinity Insurance, it concentrates on Urban Hispanic markets in places like Miami and Los Angeles. Infinity also gives business automobile plans.

Infinity gives basic insurance coverage with some added benefits like:

DriverClub- It gives you the assistance that you need on the road for 24 hours. Your membership is free and you just have to pay for the service that you need infinity for. And the best part is you don’t need to have Insurance with Infinity to use this roadside assistance. It’s just an extra service for any customers.

Ridesharing insurance-  Infinity is available in some of the metropolitan cities as a service like a cab, uber, etc.

Discount is given by Infinity for auto assurance:

  • Multiple-car discount.
  • Paid in full discount.
  • Enroll in automatic payments and receive a discount.
  • Safe driver discount.
  • Homeowner discount.
  • Switch and save discount for new customers.
Infinity insurance
Infinity insurance

More about Infinity Insurance-

Website: On its website, you can do everything from changing policy, making payments, tracking a claim, etc. The website is available in Spanish.

Mobile app: Infinity has an app too. It can help you view the ID card and make payments through it. You can also use the app to order roadside assistance.

Pros and Cons of Infinity Insurance-

Pros-Website available in Spanish, Provides auto insurance to non-standard drivers, Large list of insurance products offered through third-party insurers. There are no middlemen involved in this process, and you can access the content at any time, day or night.

Cons- It is not a good option for you if you are not a high risk of damage.

Why should you choose Infinity Insurance?

1. It begins and ends with the customers-  Infinity gives you a wide choice between insurance to choose from. It is also very stable and affordable. And focuses on the customer and it’s the priority for them. All the features and product development is done keeping in mind the requests of the customers. Everything is designed according to fulfill every customer’s needs. The goal of the company is to satisfy the needs and to continually improve its services.

2. The importance of keeping customers happy- The customer service of Infinity is as best as it can be. There are over 2000+ employees to cover your needs. Infinity is very dedicated to fulfill each requirement of the customer.

3. Infinity insurance and its certificate – It has been rated A in business and financial strength. It shows that the company is stable and best for its customers. It can be trusted for the work it is doing without thinking too much.

4. You don’t need to choose between protection and budget- The plans are very budget-friendly and also the payment plans are created keeping in mind every aspect. The rates are pretty good and affordable.

5.  Get Same expert and friendly service- They have an expert service department with high training to make the experience of the customer easy. Also, the customer can call, email, or log in to your account and contact them without any hesitation at any point in time. There are many platforms available to make your experience easy.

Why Infinity Insurance?

Here are the reasons you should choose Infinity.

Infinity assures to keep every information of the customer safe and confidential. They only ask for information that they need and never share it with other organizations or companies without asking the customer. The only reason that they collect information is to give their customers top rates and services that will be beneficial for the customers.

And to make your experience better, now it has a self-service center to help the customers to do things like managing their policy, payments option, etc. Go, check out their website for more information.