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DEATH PARADISE IS BACK : Are you excited to see the next murder mystery getting solved on board??

Counting the series of longest thriller drama, I only have a name in my mind and that is Death in Paradise.
So here is the good news that the show will return back with the D10th season in 2021.

Although the season got a green light for the 10th season very earlier this season was awaited.

Death In Paradise series 9 date confirmed as Ardal O'Hanlon bids ...


Well if you have not yet listened about this series then there is a lot you need to know.
Basically, Death in Paradise is a crime drama tv series which is created by Robert Thorogood. There have been 8 seasons in total for this series. Every series come up with a new drama and murder on its side. The most interesting part of this series is the changing casts and their tricks to tackle a murder.
Well you will not consider this as a spoiler, will you?



The story started with the murder of Charlie Hulme, who was found dead in a locked panic room. After that, Saint Marie start solving the mystery, and this leads to a series of event in the story.
Season 2 was based on the death of a bride, who was locked in a room with who she was not given access. Starting with these kinds of interesting plots, the series made up to 10 seasons overall.

With the overall 72 episodes till now, Death in Paradise has been the most remarkable series in the history of BBC.

SEASON 10: When is it Coming?

Season 10 is going to AIR in 2021, maybe in Jan or the first week of Feb, hence there is not gonna be any disappointment regarding the dates.

The plot of the NExt season!!

Well isn’t it the real thing of the show, yes so you have to be connected with us regarding the followup news.