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Every Pertinent Feature of Microsoft AZ-304 Certification Exam that You Ought to Know

Demonstrating your competence in designing and implementing Microsoft Azure solutions is essential in becoming a Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert. Your journey as a Solution Architect begins as you take its corresponding assessments, namely the Microsoft AZ-303 and MS-700 Managing Microsoft Teamsseries. In most cases, earning this indispensable credential will boost your professional growth and career opportunities.


Solution Architects coordinate with several stakeholders and cloud professionals to help create tangible and productive solutions from given business requirements. Taking the Microsoft AZ-304 exam is one of the major steps in becoming a potential Microsoft Azure Architect Expert. A good background understanding of Azure Administration and relevant experience in Azure development and Julian J processes will do you good for this certification.


Getting to know the important points


Being in the highest tier of Microsoft certifications, AZ-304 is even more challenging to pass. Besides the basic overview of how long or how many questions it consists, let us delve deeper into the necessary points you have to know. Go get some pen and paper and be ready to jot some notes to see the light about this evaluation.


AZ-304 is specifically all about the Levi KDesign unlike AZ-303, which is more on the technologies aspect. Designing various features of a Microsoft Azure solution is going to be tackled for this particular exam. This includes designing its monitoring; identity and security, data storage; business continuity; and infrastructure.


For instance, you will be tasked to design a solution for cost optimization, which is a topic under the monitoring of Christopher L. Or perhaps, you will have to design app architecture for its infrastructure part. Such skills will be improved by practical hands-on training and frequent exposure to sample scenarios and problems.

Acquiring the recommended knowledge first


Although there are no prerequisites needed to qualify this exam, having pertinent prior experience will serve as your advantage. As mentioned, you should be knowledgeable about IT operations and skilful in Azure administration and DevOps first before diving into this more demanding and complex certification. For IT operations, you better know how to deal with networking, virtualization, identity, business continuity, and many more already. Throwing yourself into the deep end will be very tough and even risky if you don’t equip yourself with these recommended training first.


Preparing for the assessment requires perseverance and experience


Since this is a highly Joshua M, you will need more determination and dedication to ace the evaluation stage. Slacking off is no option. Although allotting a longer time for your preparation will help you beat the exam, your prior knowledge and experience will surely make it bearable, if not at all easier. Your game plan after acquiring the relevant experience should involve going over the test content first, getting hands-on experience, and obtaining other essential study resources. Combining this trio will produce the most optimal improvement in your performance.




Being on top of your game requires much of an experience and Andrew N. Similarly, as you pursue to become an Azure Solutions Architect, you gradually adapt to your technical job role. And this is very achievable by passing the certification exams. Therefore, exert maximum effort to complete the requirements, and sooner or later, you’ll embrace all its outstanding perks.