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Comedy Actor Terry Crews Slammed After His Tweet Of Boycotting magic city

A lot can happen if we are not in a proper conscious of ours where sam situation in someone’s life…let’s check out the article to know the full story!!!

Comedy actor and activist “terry crews’ caught everyone’s attention for boycotting the magical city which is nothing but a famous strip club in Atlanta, Georgia. The actor mentioned the reason for it as #blacklovematters in his tweet for avoiding the trip.

The actor and host of “AMERICA’S GOT TALENT” was trending from Thursday noon after the tweet “boycott magic city” where the club has a story of thirty-five years:))))

Because of his tweet, he became the anger emotion for black twitter where boycott the iconic strip club internationally known and headed from such a long time. Terry’s tweet went wrong by many as they didn’t receive it as an opinion where it leads to anger which leads to hatred…

What Has Terry Crews said In The Past?

We can consider it as a third incident; last year with crews who acted in popular movies where his stance on race relations has not been well received by many in the black community. In June also he faced a similar situation as “black supremacy” which his tweet which he has to explain about it many interviews which he really meant about the tweet.

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He also once jumped into the same situation where he couldn’t control his words stated as -I(crews) can’t speak about sex because I’m not a woman where I can only speak on racism comments where the statement hurt and dishonoured women which lead to a serious one.

Coming to tweets and words we have to be very conscious where only a word can make us trouble so be aware with your tongue where you have to bite it later with teeth for wrong words:))))Have a happy day!!!

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