NASA is tracking an asteroid which come closer to earth bigger than a great pyramid: keep reading to know more

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NASA is the most popular space administration in the world. NASA had made its position in the world on the top. Always NASA gives information about space and planets that it can track by their technology. The national aeronautics and space administration is an American space centre. NASA again tracked an asteroid that will touch the earth orbits. Asteroids are small, a rocky object that evolves around in the space. Keep reading to know when it will hit earth orbit.
Recently NASA tracked an asteroid that is twice bigger than the great pyramid coming towards earth orbit. This asteroid can be dangerous for the earth or humans. It will hit earth orbit on the 6th of September 2020. NASA named this asteroid Giza. It is confirmed by the NASA’s centre for near-earth object study that determines it’s actual distance from earth. It can cause dangerous for the earth’s surface. NASA clarified that it comes inside the solar system. These asteroids are made of water,  ice, and dust particles that attach with solid particles and become string and heavy rock. Sometimes this can be caused for the earth when they were entering the earth orbit larger than 30 meters. According to the space centres every year there are 30 to 50 asteroids hit the earth orbit without causing any damage.

Those asteroids are dangerous for the earth in which diameter and its speed are bigger and fast. It can be trouble for the humans and as well our earth’s surface and environment. Almost asteroid’s diameter is up to 140 meters and can be larger. But never be dangerous for the earth.
Well, this asteroid can be dangerous because it is bigger than the great pyramid, and its speed is also fast. Let’s see what happened on the 6th of September. Will Asteroid destroy something not. Till then keep reading to keep yourself updated. We will let you know more about these topics and others like celebrities, news, space, environment, royal family, crimes, etc.