What O.J. Simpson’s Kids Thought After Michael Jackson’s Daughter’s Suicide: ‘Hey, It Could Have Happened to Us’, Get Here Full Updates –

O.J. Simpson was born on 9th July 1947 in San Francisco in California. He is a former football running back, broadcaster, actor,  and advertising spokesman. Simpson married to Marguerite L. Whitley and had 3 children together. Then he married Nicole Brown and had 2 children together. His full name is Orenthal James Simpson and was given the nickname ‘The Juice’. O.J. was imprisoned due to robbery and also charged for attempting the murder of his wife Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman.

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Updates on what O.J. Simpson’s Kids Thought After Michael Jackson’s Daughter’s Suicide –

Well, being the children of notoriously famous parents is not easy within the sports and entertainment worlds. These children have to suffer and deal with situations whether it be a shocking parental death or a parent going to prison. O.J.’s family was dealing with his cases and 33 years in prison.

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Simpson’s have 5 kids namely Jason, Arnelle, Aaren, Sydney, and Justin. These kids were deeply affected by the conviction of their father. Arnelle was the most supportive daughter as she testified on her father’s behalf when he was up for his robbery charge in Las Vegas. Arnelle also told that it was really tough for her and other kids when their father went to prison for a different crime. She suffered alcoholism and also suffered troubles in holding a career of her own. Simpson’s children lived on his pension at a time.

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In an Interview with Georgia Newsday, Arnelle told that many of the kids could have ended up like Michael Jackson’s kids who had to face the death of their father at such an early age. O.J. Simpson’s kids faced the same kind of media scrutiny. Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris wanted to take her life after her father died. Arnelle said she and her brother, sister are living with it for 20 years. She also said, “Hey, it could have happened to us”. According to reports, Arnelle never attempted suicide but his brother Jason Simpson allegedly did attempt to take his life three times. Obviously, it affects the mental condition of the children whose father is in prison or died.