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Biggest Loser Trainer Erica Lugo Getting Surgery By Removing 160 lb For Loose Skin

An interesting look over the famous “BIGGEST LOSER” trainer erica logos where she underwent surgery for some of the new looks. Let’s check out of the article for the new looks!!!



Erica Lugo has decided to undergo surgery to remove her loose skin, she is the trainer for “biggest loser trainer” who lost 160lbs who shared frequently the candid posts about her fitness journey revealed on Friday through her posts.”Okay relationship” with her loose skin, nothing she is done where she is continuing to build upon her body where she is recreating her new look with the old look by the stunning posts of her.

She wrote on social media as ” real, scary and raw transparency post, nervous AF as I type and share”. She is proud of her muscle where she built and proud that able to keep the weight off for five years. Loose skin has been apart of erica’s journey for five years where she is okay with scars and ready for the battle to build her body with the new look and to build up leaner to reduce her loose skin. She explained as ” no amount of exercise or nutrition will help the loose skin pockets in my hips and stomach where the trendy new loo is fabulous.

Nothing is that easy for a decision where Lugo said she researched the surgery for years where the miracle happened finally with removing an amount of 160lbs of her were removed all the loose skin. She explained all the memories and situations while having the loose skin where she struggled to reduce it and also mentioned about how she felt and managed the whole thing captioning as creating the body for life where she also shared how she can wear a bikini where she thought she can’t do that.

Concluding my article I’m sharing my opinion as not everyone’s body is shaped or trained from first where we have to train our body like that were not all times doing surgery for the body is good where losing pounds from the body by exercise is an incredible one.


enjoy lyf is my only moto and goal in lyf not ot rush and hurry bfor it,enjoy the moment, moments r precious in lyf