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Being Neglected Made A Couple Get Arrested By Police At Myrtle Beach Resort Which Tend To Be Shocking And Suspicious!!!!!!!

A warm welcome to all the readers of our page!!!!! Today we are gonna know about some suspicious acts of a couple who got arrested because of their negligence which resulted in punishment,ent. Every child has the right for protection from their parent were neglecting a child id considered as an offense in many countries!!!!! Where neglecting a child leads to charge on a parent…..Let’s check out the article.

A couple got arrested in myrtle beach resort after police stated that charge on neglecting their four children!!!

On Saturday, myrtle beach police arrived at sea crest oceanfront resort for a reference of a welfare check of four children regarding a crime report. Coming to the story, when the police arrived at the scene a couple was caught intoxicated left their children hungry from previous day clothes, where the children are waiting from hungry approximately ten hours which made the police made and charged the couple with negligence.

A couple named Robyn Sharf and Bradly Sharf was highly intoxicated and in their swimsuit where the couple dresses the previous day looks according to the authorities” information.

Police stated that Robyn found laying on half the bed where their three-month-old child missed hitting the wooden table near the table…..All their four children were in previous day attire which seemed dirty and not fed them till now which takes ten hours of time where the incident makes us cry due to the negligence and irresponsible nature of parents!!!!


Police said that they charged the couple for intoxication and neglecting child welfare which results in charge where the Washington state were both charged with neglecting a child or helpless person where the couple got arrested.

I conclude my article by saying that take good care of your children because no one is a friend or foe to your children because you are the first friend to your child where the others come after you. So, make sure to have a good bong with your children!!!