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Apple watch 6 release date postponed? Know everything about the software updates, price, features and all the rumours.

The Apple Watch is the vastly distinguished smartwatch on the call right now. It delivers a premium experience improved by a built-in ECG and remarkable water resistance. But while the apple watch sequel 5 enrolled the heavily requested often on-display tech. And also a built-in principle better than earlier ones.

Software updates of Apple Watch 6:

The Apple Watch Series 6 arrives with watchOS 7 pre-installed. Most other Apple watches presently in use will be apt to get it as a free boost. Although the series 2 misses out this year, it’s for sequel 3 and later. WatchOS 7 brings sleep trail, new work out categories and incredible customisation alternatives. So everyone can enlarge multiple drawbacks from a single app and share an expression with one of the contacts. The watchOS 7 updates officially won’t initiate until about the same time as the sequel 6. But if you can attempt it before on your recent watch. WatchOS 7 is usable as a social beta for the first time this year.

Price: As for the cost, it’s apt to cost at least as much as the Apple Watch 5, saying a starting rate of at least $399/ £399/ AU$649.

Apple Watch Series 6 release date postponed?

Apple commonly holds it’s iPhone launch occasion in September of every year. And also the next production of the watch is generally declared openly at the same time. That said Apple has announced the iPhone will postpone by a few weeks. So we predict the watch series 6 also be postponed, likely sale in October rather. Apple has been gearing us up for the Watch 6 too, with the unveiling and beta liftoff of its modern software. Sure this fixes a new trend with new identities.  It’s clearly formulated with the destiny smartwatch in sense. So it gives us some indication of what to predict in the new device. Besides this, the apple watch 6 release date will likely be towards the edge of 2020.  Alongside the iPhone 12, but that doesn’t mean we’re oblivious towards the smartwatch.

The Apple Watch Series 6 set to rectify some of the device’s problems and also brings more superior features. Possibly it also conveys some modern means to use the tech along with the iPhone or iPad. The wearable was nice, but it wasn’t a large boost on the Apple Watch 4, so fans are hoping for more this time over. But for now, it’s also uncertain if the pandemic will have an effect on Apple’s record. There are also several rumours implying an Apple Watch 6 delay.

Features of Apple Watch 6:

  • One unique mark the Apple Watch 6 has is the ability to trace the body temperature. This had placed in an Apple Patent for preferable yoga pursuit. This would be politely able to rule on your posture and stamina expenditure.
  • It works in portion through temperature measures, which has huger health and fitness benefits.
  • The apple watch range already benefits third-party nap tracking apps. But surprisingly Apple still doesn’t demand it’s own, so this has been a long time arriving.
  • Another huge leak meanwhile implies better parental supervisions.
  • Along with them, a new ‘tachymeter’ distance hunt markings circles the Apple Watch Face.
  • Apple Watch 6 also buys the ability to monitor blood oxygen statuses. And also instructs wearers if they had a danger of cardiac arrest.
  • Blood oxygen pursuit is a characteristic that we have heard a number of moments.
  • Another best aspect of this apple watch is that it notifies you anything if you’re in the problem of drowning.


Here is all the rumours information so far, enclosing the Apple Watch Series 6. On 1st August, Apple Watch Series 6 batteries placed on certification websites. My smart price broadcasted that a number of apple batteries were sighted on various certification websites. It indicates this model number comprised in one variant of the apple watch sequel 6. Features a capability of 303.8mAh, which would be larger than watch series 5. Another rumour started to spread that Apple watches series 6 features a blood oxygen sensor. Then after Apple next one that iPhone won’t launch this September.