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Drake con fronted his feelings for Lil Wayne : get to know what he said about him and why!!!

Drake confronted his feelings for Lil Wayne the rapper. Well, they both are great rappers. Fans really like them a lot. Maybe some people aware of this that Lil Wayne and Drake recently confront ed themselves in a young money artist.
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Recently Lil Wayne gives an interview to the journalist Elliott Wilson. Let me tell you first that Lil Wayne working on his movie is carter 4. Elliott Wilson talked about the series of Tidal’s CRWN where they discussed on a bevy topic. Wilson posted a snippet conversation of them on Instagram. After this post young money artist drake got attention towards this.

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Get to know what actually Drake said about Lil Wayne

Well, the feelings of drake for Wayne is that he really admire him a lot in his real life. He appreciates Wayne for his selflessness and thanked him for getting him where he is today. In the post video, Drake wrote lots of things for Wayne. He wrote “this man believed in me after so many never called again or just didn’t see it, to begin with. A most selfless artist ever never held any of us back always pushed us forward every single night in people faces 20k packed into an arena and he has a whole set of his show dedicated to introducing us for years…all praised and credit due to the (goat). As far as Drizzy, Drizzy always just a knock out from the door. He was just everything. Plain and simple”.
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This long note really heart-melting towards drake that he is also a great person as Wayne. Lil Wayne didn’t say anything about this till now but he is really happy, of course for this long note and for love. They both are really admiring our youth. We really appreciate both of them for their work.

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