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Saddest news !!! Black Panther lost his life as he was in a battle with cancer. Here’s everything that you need know about Chadwick Boseman’s demise and life.

Black Panther – No More!!

Most favorite – Black Panther – died this Friday as he had cancer. His real name was Chadwick Boseman, and he had played the famous role of a black panther. The actor was forty-three years old when he took his last breath. This is an absolute disheartening moment for all the fans and followers of the actor – Chadwick Boseman. 


The actor died in his hometown – Los Angeles, when he took his last breath. The famous black panther was living with his beloved better half and as well with his family members. Nicki Fioravante disclosed the news with the media and the public. 

While giving statements, it was stated by one of his family members that the actor – Chadwick Boseman was going through a type of cancer, diagnosed with colon cancer. It was four years back that the actor discovered such a thing about his health. Chadwick never showed his health issues while acting for movies is still grabbing attention. 

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His family revealed that Chadwick maintained the impression you all were remembering of him and proceeded to give you numerous hits that you are still enjoying. According to Black Panther’s family, he was a true fighter. Various numbers of movies in which Chadwick had played a role in it were completed while he was undergoing numerous surgeries and therapies. 

Bringing King T’Challa in the movie Black Panther is considered to be his honor. He (Chadwick Boseman) never even tried to reveal his health condition openly to the public. It was due to his beloved wife and other family members that he survived despite all the pain over all these years. 

Before making his movie debut Chadwick was working as a television actor where he was provided with small roles during the year 2013. Boseman is a graduate of famous Howard University. 

Black Panther was listed for the most prestigious awards – Oscar awards. A movie of its kind (Africa American superhero) grabbed attention from different corners of the world with three exciting and important awards, such as – best originality score, the prize for costume design, and production design too. That’s all we have gathered so far regarding the demise and life of Chadwick Boseman (Black Panther).