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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s new renovation: do you know what is the matter with this renovation? no, then keep reading more

At the time of the 21st century, everyone wants to settle down with their own family and have a sweet home. The royal family also wanted to plant their new home in America. Yes, that’s true prince Harry and Meghan Markle wanted to settle down in their cottage. Well, it’s very often these days because after marriage every couple wants to live alone and split from the joint family, it’s all about a nuclear family.
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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle married in 2018 and they live happily together, they’ve only completed two years of their marriage and as of now, they are planning to shift in America permanently. Let me tell you that prince harry and Meghan Markle until now were living in the U.K because his royal family belongs to that country. U.k has a queen, and they belong to this royal family. In recent times, duke and duchess bought a 14.7 million dollar home. A massive amount has been given to a broker and they live in California by buying their own house.

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Harry and Markle have one child named Archie. They wanted to bring their child to their cottage named Frogmore. They live in a cottage and they pay money for it. The point is that they renovated their home. And in this renovation, they spent a lot of money. After the renovation, the couple continued a new type of renovation called Megxit. It is very expensive but they are a royal family so money is not the issue. The issue is that many British taxpayers are complaining about the renovations and wanted to stop that renovation.

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Let me tell you first that this Frogmore is a gift for Harry and Meghan’s marriage. It is gifted by Queen Elizabeth. We all knew that how they can spend money on anything. This cottage must be expensive because if it is not expensive, then they won’t buy it. Recently people were spreading the rumour that prince harry and Meghan Markle will leave the royal duties, but it’s just a rumour.

The couple spends 20,000 dollars in a month for that cottage. Yes, that’s really impressive and shocking for the ordinary people.
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