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Dr Disrespect and PiewDiePie going to live on Youtube: Do you know why are they collaborating a live video? No then keep reading

Dr. Disrespect has a huge fan following on the social media platforms. He makes videos on youtube. PewDiePie is also a Youtuber. He also makes videos and has a huge fan base. Well, the news is both Youtubers are making a video together. They are facing off fall guys in this collaboration video.
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What is the big news about this? 

Dr. Disrespect has been banned on twitch for making videos because he made a video that hurt the religious sentiments on the platform because of which twitch deleted his video and after this incident Dr disrespect never make a come back on twitch. Many people thought that he will never come back. And many of them said that he is filing a case against twitch. Dr disrespect, at that time just take a break from twitch and after some time he claimed that twitch has no reason to ban his video. This is not a justified statement made by him because he didn’t have any proof. So he became popular after the video, and have many fans.
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About Pewdiepie?

 Let me first tell you that who is Piewdiepie? Piewdiepie is a famous and one of the most subscribed YouTuber. It is run by a person named Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg. We already told you that PewDiePie has a huge fan following on YouTube. Previously, he made a video where he stuck between his trollers. He faced lots of problems thereafter that he used to live stream, the game of PUBG. After this he got popularity.
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After this they both, Pewdiepie and Dr disrespect has come together on live streaming video against the fall guy. Dr disrespect tweeted a Gif on Twitter for the live streaming. In this Gif, they both look so funny. They wrote v/s in this Gif between them. they looked so colourful. In the Gif, there is no more motion of objects. Go and see the Gif on our page. Well, the video has finally streamed on YouTube.

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