John Cusack’s ‘Being John Malkovich’ has been given the highest ratings in his entire career for a reason!

John Cusack has been around since decades with his incredible work not only as an actor in America, but also as a producer. John has also been known for his skills as a screenwriter. He has not only made his father Dick Cusack, his siblings Ann Cusack and Joan Cusack and his huge fan proud in America, but he has also been known worldwide due to his hard work and great potential. John has made a huge impact on Hollywood over the years and has also become a recognized personality in global tv.

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Over the years, we have laughed with John’s comic roles while we felt the goosebumps with his thriller action films. We have also been in love with John’s romantic blockbusters and had trouble sleeping with his horror hits. In short, there is no genre that John Cusack has not covered. It comes as no shock that John has already been a part of over 80 films in his career which also adds his biopics that won hearts.

The latest works of John Cusack includes an internet TV web series which was scheduled to air towards the end of this year. The title of the American web series is ‘Utopia’ and is an example of John’s work not only in films but also in different fields such as TV shows. The ratings of almost all the movies with John Cusack have been critically acclaimed. Amongst the top 10 ratings of John, ‘Runaway Jury’ stands on the 10th position with its amazing storyline gaining the title of one of the finest thrillers. The movie which has been given the highest rating in the entire career of John Cusack is ‘Being John Malkovich’ which proved its massive acceptance among the audience with the various awards and nominations that the movie received in Academy Awards.