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Pictures from Coleen Roney and Wayne holiday trip: here’s what you need to know about $25K home.

Coleen and Wayne are presently enjoying their holiday on a luxurious house in Barbados, which they bought in 2015. the royale Westmore land nearly costs 5 million pounds and rents 25k pounds per week. Coleen Roney has been taking some time off from his work and making most of his time enjoying with his family. Coleen, along with his significant other Wayne and his family of four children, Kai, Klay, Kit, and Cass, announced a holiday in their estate in Barbados.

The villa sits in 750 acres with a white exterior filled with full of palm trees. it has five bedrooms and can hold comfortably up to 14 people to sleep in.

look at the amazing view of the villa.


More pictures from their trip:

The actress posted a sweet family picture with the beauty in simple pink vest and shorts and ex-football players keeping it simple in white shirt and shorts – captioning “look at the camera boys!!”.

To which her husband reacted with a heart emoji.

Later the couple shared the pictures of them enjoying a day out at the beach. Coleen posted a photo of her in a red coral swimsuit suited with hoop earrings and oversized sunglasses.

The mother of four children was not afraid to show her curves in the swimsuit and looked pretty in no-makeup look.

Wayne was seen in a black t-shirt and shorts playing with his children.

On the last day of the couple’s trip, Dwayne posted a lovely picture of her and coleen with drinks in their hands writing “a long time since that lovely four-day festivity. I love you, XD.”

According to a source, it is said that this is a much-needed trip for coleen after accusation on him by Rebekah that he is leaking stories to press.

Rebekah, the wife of Leicester City striker Jamie Vardy, told in a bombshell legal document how she had been left suicidal by the accusations made by coleen’s family that she had leaked stories about Coleen and her family.

According to a source, it is said that football is trying to make up with his family after the disturbance.