This Is Why Paula Deen’s Fans Can’t Stand Giada De Laurentiis,No One Cannot Tolerate Their Conspiracy

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Everyone has their favorite where if the other tries to utter a word about our favorite star the fire will start fuming and leads to another level, the same situation took place in the lives of Giada de Laurentiis who spoke about Paula where her fans started trolling her. Scroll down to know what are the reasons behind them.


Food network star is popularly known as a polarizing chef “GIADA DE LAURENTIIS” whose bubbly nature on tv, sometimes mostly trolled by her haters where she had equal count among fans and haters where her behavior sometimes makes it too awful. Such types of haters are formed by issues like the involvement of other celebrities where Giada included Paula deen where deen’s fans are the highlight of controversy now.


Paula deen was dropped from “food network” then her time slots were filled by Giada shows. In her recent entry in Hollywood, she stated as “Paula shows got replaced by my shows, so we have a lot of people who are not happy right now” where she mentioned Paula as a  kind woman where her fans can’t tolerate the statement and showed their love toward Paula by deep-frying Giada.


Paula Deen’s fans are just one tiny blip in Laurentiis’s radar of controversy. Giada is also having this type of waves with other celebrities like bobby flay, Mario Batali and Rachael ray. The Italian chef has so many in her list where other celebrities didn’t seem to care for her which pops up with more controversies like this.