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Who now currently has the custody of honey boo boo-Everything you need to know.

Fans of “mama June: from not to hot” wants to know who now has the current custody of honey boo boo aka Alana Thompson since June Shanon is all clean now. Last we know, Lauryn Sharon is her legal guardian, but can her mother bring her youngest child back?

Who is Honey boo boo?

Honey boo boo who’s real name is Alana Thompson, was just five years old when the series started. She rose to fame for her appearance in show TLC’s Toddlers And Tiaras from 2009 to 2013.

Appearing in almost 55 episodes over five seasons, Honey boo boo aka Alana Thompson is the main reason why viewers were interested in watching the show and made her family members famous too. The show featured Alana’s sibling’s anna, Jessica, Lauryn, and other family members.

The reality show followed about child pageant participants and their families. It is reported that the family earned nearly 28 million dollars from the show.

She is currently staying with her older sister pumpkin after estranged from her mother, June because of her drug addiction.

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What happened to her custody?

Alana Thompson is the youngest of her four siblings her mom had with three men. Her father is mike’s “sugar bear” Thompson. although her father mike and sister are interested in getting back Alana home, Lauryn says it is just because of more screen presence and her father never liked Alana since childhood.

However, it is her step-sister, Lauryn, 20 years old is taking care of Alana right now and has obtained legal guardianship and was evicted from home from her estranged mother. But the custody is temporary as everyone knows it.

But is there a chance her mother can get Alana back? Probably yes!!

As things have now changed with her mother, and she is clean and doing well, we can expect it. No doubt, she is happy and healthy, and her relation with geno Doak seems to be stronger now. We can expect Alana anytime to get back to her mother, but this time June needs to work hard to get her star child back.