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I Had My Rapists Baby At 9 And Married Him At 11 And Got Kids By 16,Scroll To Know The Shocking Comments

I feel blessed when we are in a protected environment, where we feel assured about good and bad things and someone to listen to our pain and struggles where most of the girls are ignored…….One of the sad parts in any girl’s life is ignoring her emotions and feelings and treating like her a thing that they can hurt and throw like nothing. This s scenario ha to be changed where girls also feel protected and safe where it is improving nowadays but have to improve somewhat more…..

Our topic today is all about something about a girl life where she lost her life by her parents who felt like she was not worth able to listen to her own sick:(((((Scroll down to know more.

Sherry Johnson is a nine-year-old girl who is just enjoying her little world with her parents and siblings happily turned out to torn like pieces where she is fighting now to protect others too!!!

sherry johnson parents work in a church where she got rapped by her nine-year-old senior in her kitchen where she doesn’t know what’s happening to her but only she knew something bad happening which she can’t express to her mother:(((


sherry johnson got abused many times by Deacon who is a known one to her parents in her kitchen…..where she told her mother with the things she is going through but sadly her mother ignored her statements and threw her in depression where she was misguidedly married to him; the rapist who spoiled her life at the age of eleven when she got pregnant by nine and mother by ten. After two years of her pregnancy, her mother thought it will be helpful for her where she forcibly married the man at eleven and got six kids at the age of sixteen where her mindset completely ruined because of the things which happened in her life.

Deacon got arrested later for not giving proper payments for family. Later, she finally manages to live her own where she ended up with nine children and 39grandchildren.

Now she is fighting against child marriages in her city FLORIDA where she left all alone In her childhood by everyone:((((((Successfully she fought for that and before it from 2018 any girl child marriage have to be accepted by the judge where it results to a huge difference in a girl’s life.

Hope this continues for better livelihood of a girlchild!!!


enjoy lyf is my only moto and goal in lyf not ot rush and hurry bfor it,enjoy the moment, moments r precious in lyf